Why we use Custom Cigarette Boxes?

Custom Cigarette Boxes

“Premium custom cardboard boxes is a custom packaging business, which enables companies to order customized boxes for storage, distribution, product finishing or mailing. In our opinion, companies whether large or small, require elegant and appropriate packaging since it not only aids to retain goods safe but also helps to market the company. Moreover, these boxes are economical, cost-effective, long-lasting and eco-friendly. Boxes with a personalized touch are preferred by many over others.

Quality of Packaging

The reason why many cigarette companies favor using premium quality packaging is that people like to associate environment protection, durability and strength with the product they buy. People like to have something tangible that can support their daily use; thus, they would be willing to pay more. With customized cigarette boxes, people like to feel safe regarding the packaging of the product while at the same time it helps them differentiate from the other cardboard boxes available in the market.

Method of Distributing

Custom Cigarette Boxes is a cost-effective method of distributing your marketing messages for smokers, non-smokers and even for those who are concerned about the environment. You can easily create your own design of packaging that will specifically appeal to people based on their needs. For example, you can consider the preferences of a senior citizen, single parents, students, disabled persons, sports persons, etc. and you will definitely find a product that will satisfy them.


Although, in the recent past, we have witnessed a great increase in demand for customized and personalized cigarette boxes, but, in reality, there are some factors that hinder its success in the market. One of these factors is wholesale pricing, which can prove to be an impediment to the widespread popularity of customized packaging solutions. This is because in most cases, wholesale pricing is far below the production cost, thereby making it difficult to convince retailers.

Custom Cigarette Boxes

A number of factors can affect the popularity of custom cigarette boxes, which include its functionality, uniqueness, superior quality and durability. In fact, it has been noticed that customized packaging with a striking look has always been popular among customers. Hence, in order to promote their business by using custom packaging solutions, many companies are ready to experiment with new designs which can help them in boosting sales. However, the bottom line remains that customized packaging with blank boxes remains popular as it is highly functional, durable and provides a complete solution for all tobacco products.


Many companies also experiment with different colors schemes in order to attract customers. But one important factor that should be kept in mind before investing in customized cigarette boxes is the need to invest in a high-quality printer with good color scheme. The color schemes available in the market vary greatly. Therefore, while investing in any printing project, it is essential to choose a printer capable of producing quality output at reasonable rates. To meet this end, online printing shops offer a plethora of options in terms of color schemes including black and white, sepia, colorized, tri color, CMYK, Pantone, OGR, digi-color, UVB/UV, gloss, matte, or color, and gloss.

Cigarette Companies Print

Apart from color schemes, the quality of the prints should also be given serious thought. As in most cases, cigarette companies print their logo on the box as well as on the package, thus, making them an integral part of the overall package. Only a reputed and reliable printing company should be chosen for this purpose as they should be able to meet the specific demands of the cigarette manufacturing industry. While browsing through the online printing catalogs, it is important to keep in mind the number of years of experience the company has. An old and established company is more likely to deliver quality service and deliver the products on time.

Custom Cigarette Boxes Brand

One of the main reasons behind the success of the custom cigarette boxes brand is its ability to cater to both the ends of the cigarette packet – the manufacturer’s and the customer’s demands. The consumer’s desire to customize the package has prompted manufacturers to come up with innovative ideas in this regard. The basic idea to customize the packaging is to make it look unique and different from the other tobacco brands being used in the market. However, the branding should not be confined within the borders of the box only but it should be taken out to cater for all possible branding opportunities that may arise in the future. It is highly recommended that the manufacturer chooses the right kind of packaging material that is durable, shock proof, and able to withstand extreme weather conditions as well as high humidity levels.