Why use drone mappings?


Drone mappings are very much beneficial these days in a lot of things. One of them is definitely the land surveys. This is because; in land surveys usability and accuracy is something which is very important.

One can thus use drone software when they are doing land surveys because they can present to the clients some reliable basis for their designs. The surveys include TOPO, FEMA or ALTA survey to find out the efficiency of the land. One can use drones which are also called unnamed aerial vehicles (UAV) to collect the data. The clients in turn can get some useful and flexible information in case of these ground surveys. Now one may wonder how drones can help one in the land surveys.

Here are some major benefits which one needs to know when they use drones in topographical land surveys:

  • They can help one with increased accuracy. The drone surveys are done by setting some ground control points. Here a traditional aerial photogrammetry technique is used which is being provided for decades. One can combine these ground control points with the ability to verify data on the ground. The drone surveys thus provide some accurate and reliable results as well.
  • When there is improved data, there are more options.  The drone cameras can take some series of HD (high definition) photos and that too at different angles which can in turn create many data points which include elevation points, geo references and colours. There are high resolution orthomosaics and 3D model sites which can allow the clients to see more than what a traditional survey comes up with. This is because traditional surveys do not offer all the benefits and synthetic data cloud that clients may decide to look into.
  • Drone mapping can help one with time saving. There are larger sites which take couple of days even weeks for the drone to complete its survey and then file all the information about the field. But if one used drones then it can save a lot of time even in weeks. They collect the same data in much lesser time.
  • With drones, one can get improved graphics and videos. When the survey plans are initiated with the drone survey then the data that is collected look more realistic. The photos and the videos can be a great and reliable resource during the public outreach that is related to the project.
  • The land surveys sometimes can be quite a dangerous job. There can be some safety issues all around the site as well. but going for a drone survey can eliminate the need for the surveyors to reach the unknown terrain and this can be very helpful in case one wants to avoid some high risk situations like rocky terrains and rail lines.

The drone mapping software can help one to go for a proper drone survey process and analyse the proper data in order to go ahead with an accurate survey of a particular land.