Why So Many People Think the SRK Is the Best Cold Steel Knife

Cold Steel, perhaps known best for its ludicrous promotional videos, is one of the industry’s most prolific modern producers of knives and tools. Their catalog contains numerous original designs as well as interpretations of countless historically and culturally significant knives and other edged tools and weapons.

So picking out one to call the best Cold Steel knife is no small feat, to say the least.

However, there’s one model you’re going to see pop up time and time again in reviews if you go looking for the best of the best, and it’s the Cold Steel SRK in SK5 steel. Let’s take a look at why no one can seem to get enough of this knife.


The Cold Steel SRK is 8.2 ounces overall, with a 6 inch, 5mm wide blade made of SK5 steel. SK5, with nearly 1% carbon in the matrix, is both tough and hard and offers significant edge retention.

Overall, the knife is 10 ¾” and the model features a full tang design through the black, aggressively textured Kray-Ex handle. The knife comes with a Secure-Ex sheath that, despite its lack of traditional design, is tough, secure, reliable, and effectively impervious to the elements.

Big Hits, No Real Misses

Model specs are nice, but it takes a real person to interpret them. So how does this knife stack up?

First off, it balances beautifully in the hand and indexes nicely as well. First impressions of the grip are that the handle is large, adequate, and comfortable. There are no noticeable hot spots and no hard or sharp corners. You might get blisters from really batoning or twisting this blade through a hard piece of wood, like Oak, but you’d have to try. There are many handles on the market that are far less ergonomic.

Plus, being made from Kray-Ex, it’s super tough and super tacky. It would be hard to imagine this knife handle becoming slippery even if it was soaking wet with grease or blood and ice cold. It’s just that practical.

The blade profile features a handsome but demure drop point design that almost looks like a “false clip” and the steel is attractive finished in a black Tuff-Ex finish, which eliminates glare and tones down the impression of the knife.

With its generic design but amazingly tough materials, this knife could be used for everything from food preparation to camp craft to cleaning fish and game. Nearly indestructible, comfortable, affordable, and made from premium materials, there’s a reason it’s on everyone’s list of great Cold Steel picks and why it’s at the top of some – many people consider it the best Cold Steel knife out there.

Is There Anything This Knife Can’t Do?

There’s really not much this knife can’t do. It’s sharp enough to shave but stout enough to lash to the end of a shaft to use as a spearhead, or to baton through wood rounds. It does some jobs better than others, but it straddles the middle ground between compact size and camp knife admirably.

If you find something that this Cold Steel knife really fails at, please contact Cold Steel and let them know. They’d probably like to hear about it.

Best Cold Steel Knife: Other Fan Favorites

Just for the benefit of readers with other interests, let’s take a look at some other models that have been hailed as the “best Cold Steel knife” from time to time. In addition to fixed blades, they produce plenty of folding knives with though Tri-Ad locks and Double Safe features that increase strength. These are some other top picks:

– Cold Steel Recon 1
– Cold Steel Ti Lite
– Cold Steel AD-15 (Modeled after an Andrew Demko design)
– Cold Steel AD-10
– Cold Steel Tuff Lite
– Cold Steel Kobun
– Cold Steel Finn Bear
– Cold Steel Recon Tanto
– Cold Steel Pendleton Lite Hunter
– Cold Steel Peacemaker

Whether you’re looking for an EDC knife with a tough locking mechanism or one of Cold Steel’s knives with a basic, fixed design for downright unflagging utility, one of the above knives will suit your needs.

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