Why and Which Technology Is Used To Design Custom Muffin Boxes


If you are in the muffin business then you will know the competition present here. The product is a delicious one that is consumed by many people across the globe. If your brand wants its product to stand out then it will have to make good-quality and scrumptious muffins. The packaging of the product is important as well. You need to know which technology to use to design the boxes so that they can fulfill their purposes. This is true when it comes to shipping boxes as well.

The following explains why and which technology is employed to design custom muffin boxes:

Best Packaging Material

The shipping packaging and muffin boxes need to be made with the best packaging material available. The product is a food one and so has to be kept safe from germs and other influences that can spoil it. It needs to be kept safe from high humidity, temperature, etc. when it is being transported as well.

Some material options to consider include cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft. Technology to get the right strength box should be chosen. You can get cardboard in the strength of your choice so that it is perfect for the product.

These materials will give you strong boxes that can let the muffins reach customers in excellent condition, even when the product has to be transported.

Technology That Can Allow a Brand to be Sustainable

Shipping boxes wholesale should be sustainable as well. The technology used throughout the packaging process should help a brand follow eco-friendly practices. This is because it is now a necessity to do this. The brand that is not “green” will be losing customers as there are many environmentally-conscious consumers. They want businesses to follow sustainable practices.

You will get packaging that will use less natural resources. The manufacturing of the boxes will not create much waste and pollution. The packaging will be renewable, recyclable, reusable, biodegradable.

Printing Technology

The printing that you do on the packaging will help it stand out and attract shoppers towards the muffins. Due to the advancement in printing methods, there are many options available that can help you create packaging which will be prominent.

Some printing methods that you can consider for shipping boxes are given below:

  • Lithography- This technology helps one get an advanced bulk-printing job. Printing plates are used for this. The technology is mostly employed for printing folding cartons as well as labels which are known as litho labels. You will get retail quality printing for shipping packaging. Food products like muffins can use this method as it will give them high-quality stuff.
  • Flexography- This one is used mostly by stand-up pouches. It can be used on corrugated boxes also. It is for those who are on a budget and want a faster turnaround time.
  • Ink-jet printing- If you have a small-scale muffin business, you can consider this option. Digital and inkjet printing is mostly utilized in paper products. You can get top-class printing for your corrugated shipping boxes wholesale with this method. Advancements in the corrugate digital printing method have allowed this method to be popular for muffin businesses that are just starting or want to try new items.

The above are only some printing methods that are present. There are others also. You can choose the technology that is best suited to your budget.

Information to Print on Muffin Boxes

The information to include on custom muffin packaging matters as well. The printing technology you choose should be able to add these details effectively.

When it comes to muffins you will need to state the flavor, ingredients, nutritional information, manufacturing, and expiry date, warnings, quantity, weight, etc. These details help consumers know more about the product. They can then decide whether they want to get it or not. Use the best technology to add the information in.

The font you choose is important as well. It makes the details look interesting or boring. Choose an attractive, readable font. Its color must not confuse. The size should also be a sufficient one so that it can be read easily. You can even promote your muffins with the details you include in printed boxes. This is when you truthfully state why your product is better than the competition.

Your muffins may have an ingredient that is good for your health. You can state what this is and give scientific evidence for it. They may have fewer calories and be taken by people who are on a diet.

Increase Brand Awareness

When you are choosing which technology to use for shipping packaging printing, opt for the one that will help you increase brand awareness. This is needed by all brands that want to get established and known. A brand logo will have to be included on the box for this. The logo is used to recognize which products are from your brand. You will get professional-looking packaging as well.

The contact details of the brand must also be stated. This will make it easier for shoppers to contact the business if they need to. State the physical address, phone number, email address, social media links, website, of the business on the shipping boxes wholesale.

Technology has advanced in all spheres including packaging. You can now get custom shipping boxes that are perfect for the merchandise. They can be made according to what the business wants. The size, shape, strength, etc. of the box can be customized allowing it to be the best. Design the packaging attractively so that your muffins can stand out in front of the competition and attract shoppers. Keep in mind who your consumers are so that the boxes can be made according to what they will like and are drawn towards.