Which is the better design solution of the PRINCE2 Agile?


The most important element of the PRINCE2 Agile case for a change request is the expected benefit, which should indicate the value that the change will add to the project. This in itself will indicate what changes are likely to be required. It is important to recognize that some business cases are described as not necessarily beneficial to the project in terms of time and budget, but necessary for the client to remain competitive in the marketplace.

If the benefits are not clearly stated, discuss the issue with the person requesting the change to determine if there is a real benefit to the business.

Better designe solution of the PRINCE2 Agile

Better designed solutions of the PRINCE2 Agile or prettier, more attractive features are not benefits unless they are supported by a statement that it will have a positive impact on the project budget and schedule, or on the effort required by the end user to perform routine tasks. A typical question that a business justification for a change request should answer is the following.

“What external business change led to this change request?”

“What internal factors led to this change request?”

“How will this change affect project completion time?”

“How will this change affect the use of the final product?”

“What costs will be saved by implementing this change?”

Avoid wasting time and effort for availing the PRINCE2 Agile

The most obvious way to avoid wasting valuable PRINCE2 Agile resources on too many change requests and the entire change management process is to ensure that there are clear goals and requirements at the beginning of the project. It is also important that the criteria used to determine project success be succinctly documented at the beginning of the project. Make sure that all of these documents are distributed to stakeholders and end users, and that copies of these documents are readily available.

Schedule time in the project plan to process change requests and defer outstanding requests to the next week if time runs out. Make sure all relevant parties are aware of how the process works.

Have clear acceptance/rejection criteria for PRINCE2 Agile

Use clear criteria to screen out requests that will not or cannot be accepted. The primary criteria is the business case, so any request without a business case can be immediately returned to the requester. Don’t waste time looking for the customer to find out what the business case is – it’s their responsibility to provide it initially (even if you have to discuss it later to clarify it).

Be prepared to back up your denial of the change request with a thoughtful description of why there is no reason to include the change. Stand by your decision unless the project sponsor is willing to increase the budget or time allotted to the project.

But also be prepared to be flexible and negotiate a compromise by abandoning the planned task in favor of the change if there is no budget or additional time available.

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