What Kind Of Australian Visa Requirements Are There For My Newborn?

What Kind Of Australian Visa Requirements Are There For My Newborn?

Many overseas individuals living in Australia on an Australian visa wish to bring their children to this country, and thus, ask the immigration lawyers for their children’s visa eligibility criteria. If you are one of them, you must go through this blog to get detailed information on healthcare entitlements for your baby. The requirements will, however, heavily depend on the type of visa the baby has.

What kind of Australian visa can your baby get?

As per the immigration rules of Australia, you can include your dependent children in your own visa application. For that, you will need to enter information about your children with the Australian Department of Home Affairs when applying. Once you lodge the information, the children will automatically be added to your visa application.

Also, if your baby is born in Australia after coming here, they will get the same visa as you. Based on the visa type your child has, there will be different healthcare entitlements. Waiting times will be applicable if you have recently arrived in Australia.

Medicare eligibility for the baby

Medicare is the national healthcare scheme of Australia, which allows the holders to receive health treatments and medicines at a much reduced or free cost at any public hospital. Several visas enable the holders even to enroll their baby in this health scheme.

If you are currently a resident of Australia, you can hold the following visas to access Medicare facilities.

  • Permanent Visas (which include returning residents): You can enroll your baby in Medicare if you apply for a permanent visa. It can also be possible if you have gained your work rights in Australia, have a spouse, parent, or child who is an Australian permanent resident or citizen, or are residing in Australia as a New Zealand citizen.
  • Temporary visa: A temporary visa holder can also enroll their children in Medicare if they are from a country that has a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with Australia. Based on their visa, these holders may include refugees, migrants, humanitarian entrants, etc.

Have you adopted a child from overseas? If so, you can also add them to your Medicare card, but only if they have a permanent residency visa and you have documentary evidence of the finalization of the adoption.

What is the Reciprocal Health Care Agreements?

Your children will be eligible for an Australian public-funded health care scheme if you come from eligible countries, which are as follows.

  • Belgium
  • Italy
  • Finland
  • Netherlands
  • Malta
  • New Zealand
  • Slovenia
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom

With these agreements in place, your baby will get cover for the same healthcare offered by Medicare. But there is one condition, and that is, the required health care cannot wait until you return home.

For some agreements, you may be required to be a citizen or resident of the reciprocal country. For help, you may consult a registered visa lawyer.

When will your baby not get any coverage under a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement?

Your baby will not receive any health cover under an agreement if one of the following conditions applies.

  • You are residing in Australia on an Investor Retirement Visa Subclass 405.
  • You are in Australia on a Retirement Visa Subclass 410 for which you had applied after 1 December 1998.
  • You are a residing student from Malta, Finland, the Republic of Ireland, or Norway.

Will private health insurance be applicable?

Suppose you have come to Australia on any other visitor visa and are not from a country with a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with the government of Australia.

  • In that case, you will need to bear your medical costs. These medical costs may include medical treatment at a public hospital in Australia or a doctor consultation. So, whenever you are here, it is always advised to apply for private health insurance.
  • Having an approved health insurance cover is a mandatory requirement for any Australian visa application. For example, if you are coming to Australia on a student visa such as Student Visa Subclass 500 or applying for the Subclass 457 Visa, holding private health insurance cover from the very first day of your stay in Australia is a must.
  • Depending on the particular insurance policy you have applied for, the baby will receive the healthcare costs. That is why experts always recommend getting the highest level of affordable hospital cover.
  • Most Australian private health insurance policies involve crucial waiting times, which you must be aware of.

For more information on visa-specific requirements for private health covers, you may visit the Australian government’s relevant public health insurance information website.

What Will Happen If One Of The Parents Is On An Australian Visa?

  • If one of the parents is an Australian citizen when the baby is born in Australia, they will automatically become citizens of Australia.
  • If the baby is an Australian citizen by birth, they will receive the same healthcare facilities as all Australian citizens.
  • The parents can also apply for the baby’s Australian citizenship if one of the parents holds a permanent residency visa at the time of birth.
  • Alternatively, you can include your children in your Australian visa application. Thus, when you receive your visa, your baby will have the same visa status as you.
  • The same temporary conditions will be applicable for the baby if they are born inside Australia when one of the parents has a temporary Australian visa.
  • However, when one of the parents has an Australian visa, and their babies are born outside Australia, the situation becomes relatively complicated. Children of only Australian citizens can become citizens by descent, provided applications are made.
  • If a baby is born outside Australia, and one of the parents has a PR visa or a temporary visa, the baby will not get any visa.

Final Words

In addition to healthcare access for newborn babies, health covers are also available for pregnant visa applicants. You should look for the top-rated migration law from Perth, WA because only experienced professionals can provide you with the best guidance for information and application.