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What are the skills required to become a cloud architect

Cloud architecture is becoming increasingly more relevant in today’s world. This is due to cloud computing being on the rise, which means that cloud architects, systems engineers and data analysts are becoming increasingly more relevant in today’s world.

In order to answer this question, we must firstly discuss what cloud architecture actually entails. According to , cloud architectures “integrate multiple cloud services within their organization” and they “help ensure security, compliance and performance of IT operations in the cloud”.

Moreover, there is also a study conducted by Everest Group in which it was found that: “Cloud architects will earn an average annual salary of $128,000, more than six times the average salary for all IT workers.”

As cloud architectures are becoming increasingly important in today’s world, there is a large need for cloud architects. 

Before we answer this question, let’s firstly discuss what cloud computing actually entails. Cloud computing has been on the rise since 2005 when cloud storage was first introduced by companies such as Amazon and Google. Since then cloud architecture has continued to be an exponentially growing industry. In 2016, cloud architect professionals were found to earn around $116,000 per year which is significantly higher than other information technology (IT) jobs such as network managers or IT support specialists who earn less than half that amount (around $52,000 per year).

Cloud architects must possess certain skills and knowledge in order to be effective cloud architects. These cloud architect skills and knowledge include:

• Understand how cloud computing works:- This cloud architect skill involves having an understanding of cloud technologies such as virtualization, cloud storage and IaaS (infrastructure as a service).

• Understand cloud deployment models:- There are various types of cloud deployment models such as public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud all of which involve slightly different methods of deploying technology. It is thus paramount that you understand these different types of cloud models so as to ensure maximum compatibility with your clients’ needs.

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• Have software development experience:- Although not absolutely necessary, it is recommended that those interested in becoming a cloud architect do have some software development experience in cloud computing. This cloud architect skill enables you to understand cloud architecture on a deeper level and thus be more effective when providing cloud architecture solutions for clients who require it.

• Understand cloud security issues:- With cloud computing, there are various security risks that must be addressed in order to ensure maximum cloud security is upheld. Thus it is paramount that cloud architects understand these cloud security issues in order to find suitable solutions for them.

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• Understand cloud implementation methodologies:- Implementing cloud systems requires you to follow certain methods of implementing the technology depending on what type of cloud system you are trying to implement (private, public etc.). Understanding what types of cloud systems exist and how they work will enable a successful deployment experience whenever a client needs a cloud system.

In order to become a cloud architect, you require cloud architect skills and knowledge in cloud computing which you can develop by gaining cloud-related experience through cloud internships or projects. This cloud experience will enable you to build your cloud architect career.

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The cloud architect job role is expected to be one of the most rapidly growing cloud jobs in the coming years due to the exponential rise of cloud computing. There are cloud internships available online which can be taken up to gain cloud experience and cloud project jobs that can also lead you towards a cloud architect career.

Cloud architects are responsible for designing and implementing cloud solutions for their organization. They should have a good understanding of the services that are offered by cloud providers. Cloud architects also need to be able to lead complex projects, coordinate teams, and manage budgets.

Skills required :

– Strong understanding of systems administration

– Knowledge of IT resources

– Ability to use public cloud resources

– Experience with vendor services

A cloud architect is an IT professional who plans, designs, and manages the cloud computing infrastructure for a company. The role of a cloud architect in today’s world is becoming increasingly more important because it not only brings in more efficiencies in the company but also helps in achieving higher levels of scalability.

To become a cloud architect, one must have experience with different types of software architecture. Apart from this, it is necessary to be proficient with various database technologies.

Cloud architecture can be quite an interesting field. It requires knowledge on how to manage the cloud, orchestrate the cloud, and design for the cloud amongst other skills.

A cloud architect is responsible for designing, building, and implementing a company’s IaaS platform. The job is about 40% architecture design and 60% implementation of those designs.