Social Media

Use brand ambassadors to improve your online reputation


Having people talking positively about your brand online goes a long way in spreading your promotional messages. Brand ambassadors would then be of great help to you. Learn how to use BuyFollowersSingapore to improve your brand image and significantly increase its digital reach.

Identify your brand ambassadors on social networks

Your own social media posts are good sources of information about potential brand ambassadors. Take a look at who likes and comments the most on your posts, or uses your hashtags the most.

Your own employees will also make effective brand ambassadors. 52% of consumers consider them to be reliable sources of information. Since they have a more intimate knowledge of your brand, they can therefore effectively persuade customers.

Interact with your ambassadors

When interacting with potential Brand Ambassadors, don’t immediately make them an offer. Prefer simple interactions to put them at ease and then go further.

Commenting on their content that relates to your brand is one way to get more enthusiastic brand ambassadors. This can be done in a way as easy as replying “Thank you” to a post.

Sharing their content on your pages also works well to attract them. Look for the best posts and make them stand out with a post on your pages. Don’t forget to tag them to capture their attention.

Then use for example our Retweets or Sharing service to increase the exposure of this kind of content. The notoriety suddenly acquired by the ambassador in question will attract other potential ambassadors.

Encourage your ambassadors to create content

Help them create this content by providing them with material to use, such as samples to test. Ask them to be creative in their approach.

Make this content more visible by sharing it on the different pages of your brand. Tag your ambassadors on your posts and let them freely respond to questions and comments on the content they’ve generated. This fosters a triangle conversation between you, your ambassador, and your potential customers.