Troubleshooting eCommerce SEO Services: Traffic Is up, but Leads Don’t Convert

eCommerce SEO services

Here’s an inconvenient truth about eCommerce SEO services. It’s actually not hard to get organic traffic to increase to your website. There is an infinite volume of keywords out there, each with an infinite variety of variations. Many of these have relatively low competitive density. Getting higher organic traffic is not the challenge.

Getting higher organic traffic that actually converts is the challenge.

Unfortunately, higher traffic does not always equate to higher conversions and sales, but if it doesn’t the money you will have invested in eCommerce SEO services will have largely been wasted. We identified some common problems with some eCommerce SEO campaigns and then asked a preeminent eCommerce agency, 1Digital Agency, to identify some solutions to these.

Here’s the takeaway.

  1. Problem: Poorly selected keywords

A common problem with eCommerce SEO services is that they simply select the wrong keywords. By wrong, we mean that the strategy targets keywords that, though they may result in growth in organic traffic, will attract buyers that are not interested in the products or services with which they are associated. Therefore, traffic will rise but bounce rate will also rise, and sales and conversions will not.

Solution: Reevaluate keyword strategy

The solution to poor keyword strategy is simply to go back to the drawing board. Identifying what keywords are bringing in the most traffic that is likely to convert and then eliminating or altering them is the first step. After that, it’s about selecting new keywords that are better qualified.

  1. Problem: Purchase intent not aligned with target keywords

A specific problem with keyword strategy revolves around selecting keywords that are specifically poorly aligned with search intent. The problem here is that these keywords (or variants) actually probably will work for your business – but when users don’t visit your website with the expectation of conversion, they don’t.

Solution: Select new target keywords that meet customer expectations

In this situation, you don’t necessarily want to actually eliminate keywords. What you need to do is figure out what variants you should be targeting that are more closely aligned with consumer expectations. If your variant is not closely associated with purchase intent, another similar one likely is.

  1. Problem: Target buyer not well defined

A broader problem with eCommerce SEO services is that the provider may have done a poor job of defining the target buyer persona. Online businesses need to understand their target audience as closely as possible in order to avoid marketing to the wrong people. Unfortunately, without a thorough understanding of who buys (or who would buy) your products, conducting any digital marketing is difficult, not just SEO.

Solution: Redefine buyer persona

The only solution is to take some time and pay very close attention to market insights. If you can’t afford to conduct purpose-driven research, just pay attention to historical sales data such as raw numbers and fluctuations. Listen to what your users say on social media; this will give you cues into who’s buying your products.

  1. Problem: Website offers poor UX

This last problem doesn’t actually directly have to do with SEO but it heavily affects it. Your web design can affect your on-page SEO because it is an aspect of page optimization that drives user behavior. An eCommerce store with a high-quality web design will attract users and drive conversions. For lack of a better term, “bad” web designs can result in high bounce rates and low conversions – not good news for an online store.

Solution: Work with a web designer for conversion optimization

While an eCommerce site’s web design is not often seen as an aspect of SEO, it affects it, and therefore any true, full-service eCommerce SEO company should offer website design services in addition to their SEO strategies (or as a part of them). A redesign can significantly impact an eCommerce SEO efforts in the long term and should be a qualifier for a partnership with an eCommerce SEO agency.

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