SHAREit – Best File Transfer App for the Today’s Smartphone Users

Shareit app

The SHAREit app is an excellent digital content platform, allowing users to transfer data effortlessly from one device to another. Also, it enables the users to send and receive files wirelessly without having to pay a dime. 

The app is available to Android, Windows, and iOS users. SHAREit is also viable for transferring data across any of these platforms. Users can also access this app to facilitate data transfer between the old and new phones to recover all the crucial files. 

Moreover, the SHAREit app operates a comprehensive digital content platform, empowering users to download mobile games, stream content, and share files at a breakneck speed. 

Downloading the App on the Phone

SHAREit is one of the quickest and most convenient ways of transferring data. In addition, it does not require the users to have a working internet connection. More importantly, SHAREit offers all these features free of cost. 

All you need to do is download the SHAREit app from the App Store or Play Store on your devices. The size of the app is minimal, so it will not take much space on your device. Once the download and file installation is complete, you will access the data on your phone. Once you have given the required permissions, you can use all the app’s features.

Send Data 

The next step is to send data from the source device. To begin the transfer, open the app on the source device and tap on the send feature of the SHAREit app. You can then select the desired items you wish to transfer and begin sending these items to the target device. 

Receive Data 

Once you have initiated the data transfer from the source device, you will launch the app on the target device. Tap on the receive option and wait for the phone to search the source device. Upon confirming the connection, the data transfer will begin.  

Using SHAREit on PC

You can use the app on any digital device, including laptops, iPad, and mobile phones. The interface on the computer is pretty basic and easy to navigate. Also, the latest version allows you to pair two devices instantly. Once the app recognises the QR code, you can transfer files with ease. 

Compared to Bluetooth and cable wire, the data transfer is much faster with this app. In addition, it is a secure platform that maintains the confidentiality of the data and ensures a virus and bug-free experience.

The app allows you to transfer data from:

● One phone (Android or iOS) to another phone (Android or iOS)

● A computer (Windows or Mac) to a phone (Android/iOS)

● A computer (Windows or Mac) to another computer (Windows or Mac)

● A phone (Android or iOS) to a computer (Windows or Mac)

SHAREit app allows its users to share data across the various operating systems. Certain users have commented on instances of the app crashing during file transfer. However, these cases are apparent primarily due to the outdated version of the app. SHAREit sends regular app updates with significant improvements and bug fixes. So, it is best to have the latest version of the SHAREit app to enjoy a frictionless experience. It is also advisable to download the app from trustworthy sources, including the official website of the SHAREit Group. 

Essentially, users have rated this app highly as SHAREit transfers even large files within a few minutes. The best part is that you do not have to register or create an account, which can be tedious and unnecessary. 

To sum up, the following points make the SHAREit app the preferred choice for today’s smartphone owners for their digital content needs:

● The app ensures reliable and fast transfer at nearly 20 Mbps, which is 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

● Users can access this app across different operating platforms, including Android, Windows, and iOS.

● The data shared through this app is secure, maintaining the confidentiality and sanctity of the data.

● SHAREit enables users to download mobile games without using their email or phone number to register. 

● The app has a straightforward interface and is available in over 45 languages. 

● All the features on the SHAREit app are free to use.

● The users can send documents, photos, videos, music, gaming apps, and more.

● The users can also utilise the media player of the app that provides HD streaming videos. 

Gone are the days when transferring data was a tedious and time-consuming task. The SHAREit app has received a lot of positive feedback, and millions of users rely on this app to transfer data daily.