How To Revolutionize The Western Market With A Super App?

How To Revolutionize The Western Market With A Super App 2

Digitization is the key that is paving the way for entrepreneurs to come up with vivid ideas. The availability of services online has given a sigh of relief for people. Almost all our mobile phones are stuffed with apps for food ordering, taxi booking, shopping, e-wallets, etc. 

The ideology of Super apps is to combine all the on-demand services in a single app so that people could easily access all of them from a single app. These Super apps are changing the way mobile apps operate in the market. Super apps like Gojek, Grab, WeChat, AliPay are gradually ruling the Asian market. Even India is gearing up to welcome one of its kind, which is planned to launch by the TATA groups. 

People have become more or less completely cultivated by this concept. When these apps are breaking massive hits, why not in the Western countries? For quite a long time, the Western market has been untouched by the idea of Super apps. Have you ever wondered why? In this blog, we will discuss the potentials of creating an on-demand Super app in the Western world. 

How are Super apps thriving at a high pace in the Southeast Asian market?

Super apps were born as a result of peoples’ thirst for a simple solution. Individuals were piled up with different mobile apps, catering to different services. The one-stop solution idea was coined by Gojek when it launched its Super app in the market. 

Their success marked the entry of several similar apps in SouthEast Asia. Interestingly, people also loved the vision of these apps, which has led to a huge user base. Wondering how people are more attracted to these apps? Come, let us discuss,

The Homogeneous market set up.

The SouthEast Asian countries shared a homogenous market with similarities in the products traded by different countries. So, it is a piece of cake for spreading the business themes from one to another. This is one of the reasons why it got spread over the various territories. 

An easy approach to financial transactions 

More than half of Southeast Asia’s population are unbanked. Here, people are most used to online transactions. They have also gone to the extent that in certain places, there was no access to card payments. During this time, the AliPay came as a bolt from the blue. Now, people are paying their bills through the app smoothly. 

What is stopping the Westerns from experimenting with a Super app?

In general, the Western market is known for several business marvels and expeditions. In Spite of being the hub for technology and innovations, they have not yet witnessed a single Super app in their market. To find out the reason, it is important to have a visual comparison between the Asian and Western markets. 

The market in the Asian countries was quite different from the Western one. China is one of the strongest markets for Super apps. In China, people were first introduced to the internet through smartphones, whereas in western countries, they were desktop-oriented people. 

So, it is quite arguable to convince westerners to use Super apps for their daily activities. Even here, there are unbanked people, but they are quite less in numbers. Most of them have good cordial relationships with their banks and investors. So, they are not very comfortable with these e-wallets. 

Jotting down the reasons that halt the launch of Super apps 

  • In western countries, the population is quite stable with a slowly growing economy. This gives them the status of a matured economy. This literally becomes a barrier for them to have such apps. 
  • There were privacy issues rising in the WeChat app over the years. Western countries are very conscious about their security and encryption. For someone who is so conscious about their data security, these kinds of apps are not their cup of tea.
  • People in the western have strong associations with their banks and financial institutions. This is another challenge that comes with developing a Super app. 
  • The regulations in the US and UK are so strong that their governments do not permit the digital sources to become a service providers to handle daily chores. 
  • In European countries, the GDPR places restrictions on people registering their personal data on any digital sources. 

How to aid the challenges faced in the Western market?

As of now, we have had spoken enough about the constraints that have stopped the launch of Super apps. But there are ways to overcome them and build a note-worthy app. 

Concentrate on countries with the least opportunities 

OECD countries are the perfect blend where you can wisely market a Super app. In these countries, there are many unbanked people who can also become your potential target. In the countryside, people do not have much access to these apps and networks. There are high chances for your Super app to become a hit in the market. 

Focus more on data security

When you aim to launch an app or product, never compromise with the data security. The psychology of the people here is much different from the of Asian people. They tend to do more research before pursuing something. So, provide utmost assurance for their data security. 

What is the scope for launching a Gojek clone app in Western countries?

The regulations and economy of the western nations are completely different from the Asian countries. They lay more emphasis on data privacy and regulations. But there is no written law that the same will prevail forever. There’s always a ray of hope. 

With proper market research along with government regulations, you can achieve developing your own successful Super app. 

For example, PayPal and Square have come up with ideas to establish their Super app in the US. 

Very soon, they might also spread some inspiration for other entrepreneurs to plunge into the market with a more competitive app. If you wish to be one of those early entrepreneurs in the market, you can also proceed with an exquisite Gojek clone app

Wrapping up,

Multi-services apps are gaining momentous recognition from people around the world. As of now, western countries are yet to experiment with one such app in their lifeline. Be the first in the market and brace yourself to create your own on-demand Super app. Start your trial with effective market research and an apt developers team.