Major Points To Keep In Mind When Selling Gold for Cash

Gold is one of the most valuable metals in India. It stands strong and steady even during inflation. Thousands of Indians opt for selling their gold cash every year to meet their financial requirements, such as medical emergencies, education, wedding, business, etc. Selling gold for cash is a great way to access funds and pay for immediate expenses. 

The online gold rate in India is at its best, even during the second wave of the COVID-19. If you have a financial need to fulfill, it may be the right time for selling your gold for cash. However, you must be mindful of certain things before selling your gold for cash to get the best gold rate per gram in India. 

Here is everything you must know before converting your gold into cash: 

  • Know your gold’s worth

The gold market is known for having unreliable gold buyers, due to which you may end up getting less than what you deserve. So, it would be wise to shop around and take quotes from different gold buyers in the market. This way, you could get a fair price for your gold jewelry. If you are searching online,  you need to use an online gold rate calculator available for free to calculate the value of your gold items. Also, it would be wise to find a reputed gold dealer. It enables you to secure the best market price for your unwanted gold items. 

  • Compare gold dealers

Not all buyers offer the same price, so it is crucial to visit multiple gold buyers in the market and check their offers. You should vet on your end, even if you know someone in the gold market. Make a list of at least 3 to 5 gold buyers and list down their rates. Choose a gold buyer that best serves you. Of course, you will need to have patience while conducting your research about the gold rate per gram in the Indian market. 

  • Find out your gold’s purity

You will need to get your gold hallmarked if it is not. The benefit of hallmarking is that it eliminates any conflict regarding its value in terms of weight, purity, etc. It indicates the purity of your gold jewelry. For instance, your 22 karat gold should bear a 916 hallmark, which indicates 91.6% purity. Most gold buyers prefer hallmarked gold, as it confirms the authenticity of its purity. If your gold ornament is not hallmarked, you can visit a reputed store in your locality that has a carat meter to know its purity. 

  • Check if the carat meter produces an accurate result

At times, the carat meter does not give accurate results when checking for purity. Unreliable gold dealers indulge in unethical activities while converting your gold into cash. So, you will need to ensure that the carat meter is working fine and produces accurate results before selling your gold for cash. Also, you can visit multiple stores to ensure getting the best gold rate per gram in the market. 

  • Sell your gold to a legitimate buyer

There are gold buyers in the market that indulge in illegal and unethical activities. While selling your gold for cash, you will need to find a legitimate gold buyer. Before giving your gold, ask for their credentials or documents proving their legitimacy. You could also look for online reviews and testimonials that offer great insight into their reputation. 

  • Know the terms and conditions of the offer

The final gold selling price may change due to the terms and conditions of your offer. Your agreement may include additional charges that will affect the final price that you can receive for your gold items. So, carefully read the terms of your offer and agree with them before signing any document.

  • Contain invoice or purchase receipts

A golden piece of advice would be to contain a purchase invoice whenever you buy gold. If you do not have a purchase receipt while selling your gold for cash, you may eventually get a lower price than your gold deserves. Having the purchase invoice allows you to negotiate with your gold buyer and the best rate for your gold items as it contains information about the weight and purity of the gold. 


With the gold rate per gram being at its best today, it is the right time to sell your gold for cash and cater to your financial requirements. However, you must pay heed to the above-said tips to get the best rate for your gold items.