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Important Must Do’s While Preparing for Defence Exams

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Being a part of the Indian Defence Forces is a privilege. However, entering these forces is a difficult task. You must persevere through arduous written examinations and SSB interviews. The question now is: how can you ace your defence exam preparations? You must stick to a strict schedule with unwavering commitment. No doubt, preparing for the defence examinations is a formidable task. However, keep in mind that passing this exam might help you flourish your career. Furthermore, being a defence employee comes with a slew of benefits.

India’s youngsters are enthralled by the prospect of joining the Indian defence forces and serving their nation. They must pass examinations such as the AFCAT, NDA or CDS exam to enter these forces. After completing their 12th grade, the majority of young people enrol for the NDA exam. It’s difficult to pass this exam without any help.  

Here’s a rundown of some key points to keep in mind while you study for your defence exams:

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  1. Keep an eye out for exam specifics.

Before you begin studying for the exam, you must have a thorough understanding of all exam details. To begin, determine whether you are eligible to take the exam. After that, look for the most recent exam syllabus and pattern. If you ask where you can obtain it, I’ll tell you. This material may be found on the official website of the defence examinations. It might assist you in creating an effective study plan for exam preparation. So, if you want to be a defence personnel, don’t skip this stage.

  1. Plump for appropriate set of books

It is self-evident that you will solely rely on books to prepare for your examinations. As a result, double-check that you’re on the proper track. All you have to do now is gather the books that correspond to your exam’s syllabus. There are a plethora of internet platforms where you may obtain exam study materials. However, that information is unreliable. Seek advice from applicants who have already passed the defence exam while collecting books. Also, avoid accumulating a stack of books because it will just confuse you. Therefore, your primary focus should be on gathering adequate study material that is sufficient to cover exam syllabus. 

  1. Ingrain habit of making notes

Note making is a brilliant way to memorise tough concepts. While you’re studying, try to develop the habit of writing. It can aid in the retention of information for a longer length of time.You’ll also be able to use notes to review everything crucial in the final hours of preparation. It is not recommended that you take notes using a digital device. Taking notes by hand might help your brain in grasping things more quickly. Also, don’t rely on others’ notes. Instead, prepare your own notes. 

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  1. Practice enough questions

You need to practice enough questions before appearing for the exam. The best way to practice a variety of questions is through mock tests. Mock tests are basically sample test papers that are made as per actual exam syllabus and pattern. Practicing mock tests can brush up your knowledge and boost confidence in you to prepare for the exam. So, it is highly recommended to solve at least two mock tests each day. 

  1. Adhere to suitable timetable

Before you begin preparing for the exam, be sure you’ve created a schedule that works for you. Prepare a timetable to help you manage your preparation. However, making a schedule isn’t enough; you must stick to it. When establishing a schedule, make sure you leave no time for unnecessary tasks.  Additionally, you can reward yourself with some short breaks. It can help you to rejuvenate your mind and focus better. 

  1. Abide by healthy routine

In addition to written examinations, you need to clear the SSB interviews. Also, you need to qualify several physical efficiency tests to enter the defence forces. Therefore, you need to take proper care of your health. So, spare at least an hour in a day for exercise. It can help you maintain sturdy physical fitness. Moreover, it can aid in staying active for the whole day. 

Additionally, you need to consume a healthy diet. Try not to rely on caffeine for staying active the whole day. Instead, you can drink enough water to keep yourself active for the whole day. Also, have sound sleep for at least seven hours in a day. It can help you to focus better while studying for the exam. 

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No doubt, defence aspirants burn midnight oil to crack the exam. They can refer to the aforementioned points while preparing for the exam. Also, aspirants need to know that hardwork and determination are cornerstones of success. They should keep reminding themselves that cracking the exam can help them join the forces and serve their motherland. Moreover, they can earn respect and honor by being a part of defence forces.