Ideas for your best friend’s birthday card

We all need friends and then a best friend in our life in order to feel complete. Sometimes they are ones with which we can share our most down moments so that we can feel better. Some people are having chuddy buddy friends and some are having college best friends with which they spend most of their time. The friends become family when we spend more years with the same and they do not change with time. Many friends come and go but a best friend always lives with us as they are meant to be. 

Once you find your best friend forever you don’t have to worry about trying new restaurants or food, going on a trip, shopping, or on a movie. Your life will be even more interesting as after spending a busy work schedule you will know that after talking or roaming with them you will feel better. That is why you cannot miss your best friends. If you think you can skip or forget your BFF’s birthday and they can leave you safe then you are wrong. You have to make them feel good no their birthday as birthdays are always so special. 

You can get a card customized with each other’s photograph and can write something that can amaze your best friend. There are many other ideas that you can prefer on your BFF’s birthday. But if you are looking for the content to write in the best birthday card for best friend then here is a guide:

  • Make a story of meeting him or her: You can even make a short story of recalling the days when you both met and how you met. This means you can write in your own words about your first reactions, meeting, and how you turn out to be the best friends forever, and so on. Be expressive in your words so that you can make the other person how you feel about them. 
  • Adding a fun element: Writing cheesy lines is always so boring in friendship and that is why you have to look for the fun element. You can add funny lines, jokes, or funny moments of you both in the card to make it look funnier. You can also add a funny picture of your best friend to the card to add a fun element. 
  • Amaze the one with your efforts: You must arrange a birthday card in a way that your best friend must feel amazed. Maintain the secret by not telling anyone about what you have planned for your best friend’s birthday. You can take them to the lunch or dinner and make them pay for the party and this will not be less than a surprise for them, it is funny you can try this. 
  • Add your funny pictures: Don’t miss to add all the bad and the best pictures of you both together in the card.
  • Help you to express your emotions: Drafting a birthday card provides you the opportunity to scribble all your emotions, joy, love, thankfulness, humor, admiration on a piece of paper that you might not be able to express through your words. Your personality shines differently when you write something on paper. That’s because it doesn’t provide you the option of drafting and re-drafting after making your first mark on the card. It is your first thought that helps to make the real connection, not the endless editing. 
  • Let your best friend know that you think about him or her: A yearly birthday card allows you to keep in contact with your best friend. Going out of your way for buying a birthday card, finding the right design that your friend may like, expressing your feelings and emotions by writing in it, getting the hold of a stamp, and sending it, shows that how much you think of your best friend. The fact that you went beyond the text message via social media platforms shows that you care a lot for your best friend. 
  • Act as a reminder of joy: Sending a birthday card to your best friend is a traditional way to mark the importance of the occasion. The physical cards act as a reminder of joy for the time and love your best friend display in it. Instagram or Facebook stories go down the timeline within some hours but physical birthday cards remain forever. You can cherish the physical cards for your entire life

So, these ideas can be considered while deciding on the happy birthday wishes card for friend that is no less than a family.