How to Take Care of Polo T-shirts

Polo t-shirts have always been in great demand because of how it suits every formal and informal occasion. Whether a casual dinner with friends, a formal meeting or for the gym, polo t-shirts always look appealing to the eyes. Also, polo t-shirts can be styled in numerous ways like with trousers or sweatpants, shorts, blazer, chinos, jeans etc. Adding basic or minimal accessories make the whole look simple attractive. Also, it looks very pleasing and looks great on everyone with any body type. You can get a cotton-based polo t-shirt, polo neck full sleeve t-shirts or half sleeve polo t-shirts.

It’s a great choice to wear in summers, but if the temperature drops a bit, you can opt for long sleeve polo t-shirts. Also, these are easily available online at amazing prices. All you need to be aware of is the fabric you will get. Also, don’t fall for the low prices as that may be of bad quality. If getting online, make sure to get it from a well-known online website where the ratings are good and positive recommendations are high. These will help you to make a better decision to purchase or not.

To make the polo t-shirts go long, make sure to take good care of them. Following are some points reflecting on how you can maintain its shine:

  • Washing- Before washing the polo t-shirt, make sure to go through the manufacturer’s label and read the instruction to wash it. Although, if you have a light colored polo shirt, wash it with light colored clothes as the bright color will leave its stain on the lighter ones. This will ruin your light colored polo shirt and will never come into its original form.
  • Drying- Usually, men’s polo t-shirt come in cotton-based fabric so try to air dry them instead of using the machine dryer as this may lead to shrinkage. You can hang the polo t-shirt in the air. This way you will retain the polo t-shirt in good condition.
  • Ironing- A neat crisp ironing will give a sharp look to the polo t-shirt. After a while, there are chances that the polo t-shirt will start rolling up from the sides. This can be avoided with ironing. While ironing, make sure to sharply iron the collar first for a crisp look.
  • Storing- For storing, just hang it in your cupboard on wooden hangers. Also, avoid using wire hangers as it will make the t-shirt crumple. If not hangers, then you can fold them nicely and keep them on the shelf.

So above are some ways to keep a polo t-shirt in a good position. Make sure to follow these steps to make your polo t-shirt go long. These are the best choice for summers but polo full sleeve shirts can be worn in winters with blazers. The look can be complete with sneakers, loafers or sneakers as well. Know that you will rock this look irrespective of what occasion you are going for.