How to run a social media contest?

How are social media contests / social media contests held? In this article, how to organize a successful social media contest; we will examine it through social media competition examples. Organizing competitions on social media is among the methods frequently used by brands to increase brand and product awareness. With these competitions, you can both attract followers to your social accounts and increase your interactions. These competitions in social media are usually held during a campaign period or to attract followers to the page. So, what do you need to do to organize a successful social media contest? Apart from all this, you need to Buy Instagram Followers in Canada for gaining quick results.

What is your purpose?

First of all, you need to determine your purpose in these competitions. Among these purposes;

  • Increasing brand awareness,
  • Increasing interaction with users,
  • Announcing the opportunity in a campaign,

There may be options such as promoting a new product.

First of all, it will help you to determine your purpose and to determine the conditions and subject of the competition. For this reason, you must first decide on your concept.

Plan the competition

After determining your purpose and concept, you need to plan this competition that you will hold through your social accounts. These contests are not just about sharing a post and waiting for users to join it. For this reason, you need to plan the competition process in detail.

You should plan how users will participate in this contest, the requirements of the contest, and other details. We can list these details as follows:

  • When will the competition be held?
  • How long will the contest be valid?
  • What information will participants be asked for?
  • On which platforms will this contest be held?
  • What will be the conditions of participation?
  • When and how will the competition end?
  • When and how will the winner be announced?

Planning these details well will help you focus directly on the competition, reducing your workload during the competition process.

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Prepare the conditions and rules for participation in the competition

You need to prepare in advance how consumers will participate in your competition and the rules of your competition. What would you like to do in terms of participation in the competition?

In such contests, participants are generally asked to like the brand page and the contest post. In addition, this contest link is requested to be shared on their own account or a few friends are tagged under this contest post.

If you want consumers to share a post for participation in the contest (such as a photo contest), you must determine how these posts will be made and how they will be sent. To keep track of these posts, you will need to create a hashtag specific to your brand; otherwise, you may not be able to track shipments.

In addition to the conditions of participation, you will also need to determine the rules of the competition in advance and prepare a landing page with these rules. It is also very important that you explain how to participate in the competition and what rules the participants must follow. Otherwise, inappropriate situations may arise and negative reactions may occur to your competition.

How will you choose the winners?

Will you choose the winner after a draw or based on the best content from the participants? This topic is very important because when posting your contest, you need to clearly state how the winner will be selected.

If you are going to announce this winner by drawing, you should write the conditions of the lottery in detail. If you are going to choose a post, you should indicate in your competition how the selection will be made and who will make this evaluation.

Announce the competition in different media

You may be running your contest on a single social medium; however, you should also make announcements from your other social accounts to increase participation in the competition. Announcing from a single account will only reach your followers here. For this reason, take advantage of your other accounts to increase participation in your competitions.

You can also use social media ads to increase participation in the competition. In addition to organic reach, you can also ensure that your competition reaches wider audiences with ads. In this way, you can reach people who do not follow your page and include them in your competition.

Analyze competition results

After your competition is over, there are some studies that you need to do. You should analyze how many people participate in your competition, how much feedback you get from the competition, how many people follow your social media page.

Thus, by seeing how much feedback you get from this competition, you can develop better strategies in your future competitions. With Insta Boost smart e-commerce packages, you can set up your own e-commerce site and open your online store where you can sell online. You can try our infrastructure free of charge for 15 days by applying no.