How to Properly Drive Your Car?

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How do you like to start your journey? Slowly or with great power, moving into a smooth movement? If you are a race car driver, it is best to step on the gas pedal and never let it go. However, what if we are talking about everyday travel? Smooth, gradual acceleration provides less fuel consumption. In addition, according to the car repair service in Bangalore, such methods are very safe. In city traffic jams, you may have seen accidents involving passenger cars with bent fenders. Usually, such things happen because of sharp acceleration, which can lead to cars becoming too close to each other and not having the ability to brake instantly.


Do you think that if your car or truck has an automatic transmission, then there is no need to make any changes?

As a rule, such things will not happen in that way! Your vehicle will run, depending on what you do with the acceleration pedals. If you gently press the accelerator pedal, the car downshifts and slowly starts moving. As a rule, when you press the gas pedal sharply, the car takes this for a complete action and abruptly shifts into top gear. If you do not want such things, you need to press the gas pedal again, which should be repeated. Over time, such abrupt movement will wear down with the gearbox. So smoothness is the way to go in such cases.

Car owners with manual transmission can also misuse such features. Apparent things such as gear speed and incorrect gear position will wear down with the gearbox and clutch. If you are slowing down enough that your engine reaches less than 1000rpm, then you need to shift up to apply a higher gear. Of course, in such cases, the car will hum. Rotating the engine at such a low frequency with the wrong gear is bad for the internal mechanical parts. Some drivers probably also abuse the accelerator pedal while decelerating! Always remember, based on our experience of car repair service in Bangalore, an essential part of the car is its efficiency.


As a rule, every time you press the brakes pedal, you will wear it. Such things are not critical, and only for such things, brakes are created. However, if you use them ineffectively and incorrectly, the braking system can also lead to premature wear. The slow, steady application of brakes in front of the traffic light is less damaging than harsh braking. Using one foot while driving, you only lightly rest on the brake pedal most of the time. However, such light pressure on the pedal keeps your attention all the time, and you need to switch from one pedal to another constantly. Such things not only cause wear but can also overheat the braking system. In the worst-case scenario, it can also lead to sudden brake failure. Recommendations to all the car owners- always use both feet while driving.

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