How to draw Nemo

How to draw Nemo. Learn to draw a super Nemo with drawing instructions easily and step by step and a video tutorial. You can now effortlessly make a stunning Nemo drawing ideas. Nemo is the star of the Disney and Pixar animation films Finding Nemo (2003) and Finding Dory (2016). Nemo is a young clown fish made of tropical coral reefs off the coast of Australia. In the first film, Nemo begins the adventure of a lifetime when he is captured by a diver and put in an aquarium. The clownfish is unique in what you do in a creature called Anemone – a word that the young Nemo is particularly difficult to pronounce. Anemones are stationary creatures located on the sea floor and keep fish with their spicy tentacles to eat.

The clownfish uses a symbiotic relationship with Anemone. The fish rub against Anemone and cover themselves in a viscous substance that prevents them from being stung. You can then hide in the Anemone of larger fish that want to eat the small clownfish. What do the clownfish do for Anemone? It was theorized that the magnificent presence of an Anemone, cleaning agent, and breathing is helpful or that clownfish roasting fish are attracted so that the Anemone is stunned and eats.

It is easy with the help of this simple tutorial and step by step. All you need is a pencil and a piece of paper – and maybe a chewing gum that is disturbed, as well as markers, colored pens, pens, or paintings. While Nemo is an orange clownfish, this type of fish can be available in many colors, especially red, yellow, and even purple. Each phase of this drawing instruction contains an illustration and an explanatory text. Note that the new lines are highlighted in blue in every phase, while the lines of the previous stages are faded black. They force certain steps to extinguish the lines that have been drawn in the past steps.

Drawing of Nemo

Step 1:

First, draw an egg shape to describe Nemo’s head.

Step 2:

Expand the long curved lines of the mold and describe the body.

Step 3:

Continue these lines by exploding them outside to form the tail.

Step 4:

Lock the tail with a bundle and a wavy line. Draw a set of long bent lines around the head and form Nemo’s first band.

Step 5:

Draw a small oval near the head of the head with a dotted line. Expand two slightly curved lines from the Oval, one longer than the other. Connect the lines with a bundled wave line to form the chest fin.

Step 6:

Details you the fin with another covered line parallel to the first. Draw several curved and “U” lines in the fin.

Step 7:

Draw curved lines on Nemo’s body to form two other scratches.

Step 8:

Draw a broken line parallel to each of the lines of the last gang. Draw two rejuvenating lines along the tip of the tail and another near the line where the tail hits the body.

Step 9:

Draw a wavy line from the top of Nemo’s head to the base of his tail and form his dorsal fin.

Step 10:

The fin in detail by drawing two sets of broken lines in each part of the dorsal fin. Then draw curved lines through the fin.

Step 11:

Expand a curved and broken line on the side of Nemo’s face and form the other dorsal fin. Since it is “luck” by Nemo – the one who was damaged when he was still in the egg – leave the line inwards to display the irregularity of the form.

Step 12:

Draw a scalloped line on the happy fin and detail them with several slightly curved lines.

Step 13:

Draw two ovals to form Nemo’s eyes.

Step 14:

Draw a circle in a circle in the eye. Draw a little circle between the two rings and color the innermost hoop.

Step 15:

Repeat this process in the other eye.

Step 16:

Draw a wide line of “U” shape to shape the smiling mouth of Nemo. Connect it with a slightly curved line at the top and decorate every corner with a short corner line.

Step 17:

How to draw Nemo

Draw two curved lines in the mouth and describe your teeth. The shadow between the lines.

Step 18:

How to draw Nemo

Color Nemo. As a tropical clownfish, it has light orange color with white and black stripes.

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