If you possess a laptop, the one thing that you will want for sure is for it to work smoothly and properly. A question often asked by everyone searching for a new device is what kind of laptop do I need? or what laptop is best for me? To answer this, you should look for a system with the best laptop specs, including a decent storage capacity, a clear and sharp display, reliable battery life, and a powerful processor. Along with it, what appears to be a game-changer is a solid cooling system in the device. If you find all of this in a single system, consider it the best laptop regardless of the price that it comes in.  Looking for a reliable cooling system is very important as it affects the performance of the laptop directly. Thus, if you have got a new laptop or if you have been working on a device constantly for years under a high working load, it is your duty to check if the laptop’s fan is working or not as the cooling system of the device is what makes it keep on running smoothly along with other things.


Cooling fans are fundamental for a laptop to have as its job is to keep the temperature of the device below the threshold temperature. The fans need to work properly as the laptops tend to get heated easily, especially when the heavy workload is done on them. Heating could damage the system severely, and you can lose all your data. A slight heat exposure slows down the device to give it time to cool down, and sometimes the programs start crashing. But, with delayed heat exposure; the framework of the operating system can break and can cause the device a lot of damage.

Dell xps 15

Laptops like Dell XPS 15, which is the best laptop for content creation and Dell G5 15 SE, which is the best cheap laptop for editing youtube videos, can get heated quickly due to the heavy processing. Thus, they should possess properly working fans so that your device can stay out of trouble. 

Word of caution if your laptop fan is broken, there are chances that it will affect other parts of the laptops too. Therefore you should check if your laptop fan is working or not often to keep things in order.



The simplest thing you could do is to listen to the voice of the fan. But what you need to keep in mind is that the laptop fans do not run all the time as they require a high working load to get activated. If you are working on a laptop watching videos, editing pictures/ videos, or gaming. The fans will kick in automatically as these activities tend to heat up the device in no time. To make sure that the fans are working, try to listen to their noise.

Sometimes it can get hard to recognize the noise of a fan, especially in the laptops that focus on music creation and podcasting, and stuff. Most laptops dedicated to such work are relatively quieter than usual so that you can have no hurdle while working with the sounds. Laptops like Acer Aspire E 15, which is the best budget laptop for podcasting, tend to mask the noise of the fans and appear quieter.

You can listen to the noise of the fans by moving to a quiet room and leaning closer to the bottom of the laptop while a high working load is applied to the device. No matter how silent the device is, you will definitely hear the fan’s noise if you move close to the bottom, and that way, you can ensure that the fans are working.


Another very common way to identify if the fan is working or not is to feel whether the air is coming out of the vents or not? For this method, first, you need to find the exhaustion vents of the laptop, which will most probably be at the bottom, behind, or on the left side. Now all you have to do is use your hand to feel the heat coming out of the vents along with air, or you can place a piece of paper near the vents. If the paper moves, it is simple that the fans are working efficiently and getting their job done.   


The third method which can help you with more than just your fans is using a system’s hardware stats software. There is a bunch of such software present online, which you can download in no time. You can have an overview of how the components of the laptop are working. Even if you have the best laptop specs in your device, they tend to give up after some years, so these kinds of software can enable you to understand the performance of your device.

These will also allow you to control the speed of your fan along with other stuff. However, if you don’t want an entire analytic software, you can just download a speed fan whose sole purpose is to test the laptop’s cooling system. It will tell you the temperature of almost every component of the laptop and will aid you in identifying whether the fans are working or not.


Identifying; whether the fans are working or not is not that complex of a task. You can simply recognize it by some simple methods. Above I have tried to deliver you some of the most effective ways that are in my knowledge to help you check the fans. If you are having a problem with the cooling system of your laptop, I will advise you to try one of these methods, and you will find out if your system is functioning efficiently or not.