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How much does an influencer cost? (2021)

For more than a decade, social networks have continued to gain importance. So much so that it becomes very difficult not to use influencer marketing strategies to increase the visibility of a business. Are you looking for an Instagram influencer for your next marketing campaign? It is therefore important to know how much an influencer costs in 2021.

The importance of social networks to gain notoriety

Today, it would be crazy to ignore social media for the promotion of a company’s products or services. In the case of an online store, it is even inevitable. In order not to fall behind others, it is crucial to create an Instagram profile to display a presence on other social networks, preferably with the help of a community manager.

He will probably suggest you recruit an Instagram influencer who can help you promote your products or services on the net. The very first question everyone asks naturally is: how much does an influencer cost? This is an important question that will help establish an accurate budget for your influencer campaign. It all depends on the influencer you are looking for. However, there are benchmark rates for the remuneration of influencers.

The benefits of working with influencers

Even if social networks have gained in importance, traditional advertising is not relegated to a secondary role. However, here are several benefits that you will have by using social media for your next influencer campaign  :

  • The influencers on Instagram can dramatically improve your reputation.
  • All the publications that will be published by your influencers will increase the traffic on your Instagram profile even more. It will probably mean more followers for you.
  • Working with a  famous Instagram influencer is always a sign of prestige for your brand.
  • It is easier to sell your products and services through social media because people have a reputation for being more influential and less picky in their choices.

Yet, many businesses remain reluctant to pay an influencer to promote their products. This is why it is important to know the cost of an Instagram influencer.

The remuneration of an influencer depends on the type of collaboration

Before you find out the cost of an influencer, first be aware that an influencer campaign can have a very different cost depending on several factors. To give you an example: the average cost of a sponsored post that is published on an Instagram influencer page can vary between $ 130 and $ 1,640. These amounts are mostly influenced by the number of followers an Instagram influencer has. It’s simple logic: a macro influencer with a million subscribers will be able to generate more attention than a nano-influencer who has only a few thousand followers.

You will also need to consider the type of influencer marketing that you think is best suited to your needs. If you want to target a very specific audience in a particular region, it will be better to use Buy Instagram Followers services. On the other hand, if you want to play big and engage a huge, diverse audience, it will be best to recruit a macro-influencer. But in this case, get ready to spend lavishly!

The remuneration brackets for influencers

So in the end, how much does an influencer cost exactly? Generally, the rates are $ 10 per subscriber miles, for a single sponsored post. This price then increases considerably:

  • $ 100 for around 10,000 subscribers.
  • $ 000 from 100,000 subscribers and another $ 1,000 from  500,000 subscribers .
  • If the influencer you want to work with has more than a million followers, you are in the category of mega influencers. Get ready to pay over $ 10,000 per sponsored post.

The rates that are mentioned above may still vary depending on whether the influencer works as a freelance or for an agency. Generally, it will be more beneficial to work with independent influencers because they are cheaper and often they have a more personal connection with their followers.