Guide for 4 wheeler

Guide for 4 wheeler

Healthy exercise in the open air at any time of the year. The best way to do this is by going on a wonderful bike ride. You can enjoy every season to the fullest with the wind through your hair on a bicycle. And the most important thing is that you no longer have to worry about falling, even when standing still and getting on and off!

Physical activity is very important, even if it is only half an hour a day. Cycling is good for digestion, the muscles, and the brain. And you can cycle safely and comfortably on a 4-wheeler. The most stable and versatile bike out there.

We make our bicycles personal and tailor-made. This way you get exactly the bike that suits you. After ordering, it will take a while before you can safely go cycling outside. So take a look around on this website, but don’t wait too long to take a test drive.

Take a test drive on a 4 Wheeler and see for yourself

Our 4-wheel bicycles are suitable for everyone due to their unique design. For young and old, for recreation and work, for errands and holidays.

Safe and stable

The 4-wheeler is safe, comfortable, and offers maximum stability. On a 4 Wheeler you can continue cycling into old age, alone or with a partner or companion. Because the stability of the 4-wheeler is so unique, we would like to explain this to you in more detail.

Four wheels make a means of transport stable. Compare it to a comfortable passenger car. A car has not three, but four wheels. With four wheels, the vehicle is much more stable. The fourth wheel ensures that the tilting line comes to lie next to the riders.

A schematic representation of the tilting lines of a three- and four-wheeler

Tilt lines indicate the limits within which a vehicle is stable. In a vehicle, these are the lines between the points where the tires touch the floor. With a tricycle, it looks like a triangle and with a four-wheeler, it looks like a square. The rider is located within these lines. With a tricycle, the rider sits partially on the tilting lines. The rider sits between the tilt lines. Because the weight of the rider with a 4-wheeler is within the tilting lines, the bicycle always remains stable.

Forget the tricycle

A tricycle gives the feeling of imbalance in the corners. Even on a sloping road, a tricycle likes to go its own way. Speed ​​bumps and a sloping road surface, in combination with the unfavorable tilting lines, put you at risk of falling. With a 4 Wheeler, this risk simply does not exist. A 4-wheeler cannot tip over during normal use. They are the most stable bikes out there.

The bike supports you

A 4-wheeler is a very stable bicycle. By putting the 4-wheeler on the parking brake, the bicycle is stable and you can get off quietly. The bicycle offers you support when getting on and off. The risk of falling over with the 4 Wheeler on the parking brake is excluded.


The front wheels are equipped with a spring suspension. This smoothes out unevenness on the road. This well-thought-out technique also ensures that our 4-wheelers have a short turning circle. This helps to get around with the 4 wheeler anywhere because you can easily make tight turns.

Add Electric Pedal Assist

All 4-wheelers can be equipped with electric pedal assistance. But they ride so lightly that it is often not necessary. Because we tailor-make your 4-wheeler, we can deliver the bicycle with pedal assistance. This can also be added if you have been using the bicycle for some time. We charge the same price for retrofitting pedal support. This way the bike can be adapted to your needs.

Suitable for everyone

Our 4 wheelers have been used for years and to full satisfaction. It is similar to getting on and off a regular bicycle. The sitting position is an ergonomically correct cycling position. So sitting upright on a saddle and pedaling down. Everything is exactly like on a normal bicycle. This makes the switch to a four-wheeler very easy.

Personal budget

Suppose you feel less safe in traffic due to, for example, balance, concentration or other problems or limitations, then a 4 Wheeler is the perfect means of transport. With a disability, you are probably entitled to a Personal Budget (PGB) via the Social Support Act (WMO) in your municipality. With this, you can finance a 4 Wheeler. Read the article WMO and PGB at News, it explains exactly how it works.