Factors of changing the PRINCE2 certification course

PRINCE2 certification

Requests for changes caused by external factors are usually beyond the project manager’s control, and the project manager usually has no choice but to deal with them. Most successful PRINCE2 certification have developed a process for dealing with such requests at the beginning of a project, and the plan will be flexible enough to deal with them without unduly affecting the end result.

PRINCE2 certification changing factors

But change requests involving internal factors must be handled very differently. In an ideal project, many of these requests could be avoided if project goals were clearly defined and requirements clearly documented and communicated to all stakeholders. And that the stakeholders understand what they can expect from the final product. Of course, we don’t always live in a perfect world, and no matter how thorough and detailed the initial phases of PRINCE2 certification are, there will always be a need for an effective change process.

Not all stakeholders and end users can visualize the final product by reading documentation and studying schematics. Even if prototypes are used to improve requirements writing, they are not inherently fully functioning products, and misunderstandings and assumptions are inevitable in complex projects.

Nevertheless, good documentation and clear communication of PRINCE2 certification goals and requirements will minimize change requests.

What is the best way to manage a project through PRINCE2 certification?

So what is the best way to manage project change requests and still deliver the project within an acceptable budget, time frame and scope?

Distinguish between what’s necessary and what’s nice.

Each change request in PRINCE2 certification should have a business case to support it, just as it does for the entire project. Sure, it can be very simple and brief, but it is a necessary element of all change requests before they can be considered for inclusion in the project. LogiTrain is the best source for the PRINCE2 course, So don’t waste the time and enhance the hidden skills with the PRINCE2 course.