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DM Feature Arrived on the Web Version of Instagram

The long-awaited direct message (dm) feature has finally arrived on the web version of Instagram, a social network affiliated with Facebook.

Today’s popular social network, Instagram, was established and there was a feature that everyone was eagerly waiting for, but never came to Instagram. It was the feature of using the DM (direct message) feature in the web version of Instagram. However, this feature had not come to the platform for all these years. Until yesterday’s update. According to this; with the latest update of Instagram, the direct message (DM) feature will be available on the web just as it is on mobile.

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DM Feature to the Web Version of Instagram

Instagram has grown in popularity in recent years. Meanwhile, the number of users, dynamic structure and demographic features make Instagram not just a social network. As it is known, Instagram is one of the channels where boutique brands and influencers earn the most. However, despite everything, Instagram was determined to keep some of its features on mobile. The first of these was the “direct message” feature. However, with the latest update, Instagram, which took a radical step according to some, brought the DM feature to its web version.

Those who wanted to use the direct message (DM) feature on the web as well as on mobile had to choose 3rd party APIs and software developed specifically for Instagram. This resulted in a security breach.

Finally, Instagram made everyone smile with its update on the web version a few days ago. Because the web version of Instagram has a direct message, DM features.

Ordinary Not Radical

In the meantime, although it was perceived as a surprise for everyone, actually bringing the DM feature to the web version was among the future plans of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

In an interview with The New York Times last year, Zuckerberg stated that private messaging, groups, and stories are the three fastest growing areas of online communication. Therefore, the introduction of the direct message feature to the web version of Instagram was actually a move that should have been in this process. Nevertheless, this situation was described as radical by many circles. However, this development is not as radical as some say. It might even be called normal. Because, just as Facebook is not just a social network, Instagram is not just a photo / video sharing channel. So, let’s not be surprised if we witness many innovations that will make Instagram much more effective in the near future.

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