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The trek will also take you to the amazing Lahesh Caves. The cave is situated at an elevation of 3,500m above sea level. It is advised to cross the cave during the day as by afternoon, the terrains, as well as the weather, might challenge you with risk as well,  Also read: refund for a canceled delta flight.

Indrahar Pass Trek: All You Need to Know

Situated at an altitude of 14,245 ft this spectacular Indrahar Pass is lying at the border between Kangra and Chamba districts with the best of views that you’ll never see anywhere. It is short yet considered as one of the challenging treks. Trekking on this trail takes you through numerous sharp ascents and steep climbs. …

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Things to do in Valley of Flowers

Introduction If you are taking a vacation to the Valley of Flowers, here is a list of the top things to do. The Valley of Flowers, a sprawling 87-square-kilometre prairie and UNESCO World Heritage Site, is situated at an incredible location where the Zanskar and Himalayan ranges contact. This is one of India’s most remarkable …