ATT Email Not Working? Tips To Make It Work Again


Is your ATT Email not working properly? The ATT Email not working problem is a common one that has been affecting users of iPhones and other smart phones for some time now. If you have not been able to receive important emails like your Outlook email or other mail on your iPhone then you may not be able to read or reply to these emails. Even worse, ATT Email not working issues can lead to more serious and frustrating situations.

Reasons Why ATT Email Not Working?

If you have problems sending emails on your iPhone then the first step should be to check the below-mentioned reasons for the problem. Firstly, if your ATT Email not working problem is because of insufficient space available in your ATT Email account, then you should increase the size of your ATT Email storage space as described in the Users’ Manual of your iPhone. Now open your ATT Email account and check whether all your mail messages are correctly displayed. If you still face the problem of messages being not displayed, then you should check whether the ATT Email server setting is turned on or not. This ATT Email server setting controls the size of attachments that can be sent by you or by others when you are using ATT Email on your iPhone. If ATT Email not working issues are related to the ATT Email server setting, then you should turn this setting off and then re-add the files that you have accidentally deleted.

If the above reasons do not work for you in solving your ATT Email not working issues, then you should check whether you have any of the following problems: The IP address you are using to access your iPhone has not been assigned a reliable internet connection. This means that your IP address cannot access the internet either through Wi-Fi or WAP. The most reliable and compatible way of obtaining a reliable internet connection is to use an external wireless network such as ethernet or Bluetooth. In this case, you will also need a computer with an external monitor if you want to view the web in a specific browser.

Another reason why your ATT Email not working issues persist might be because you do not have signed in to your account. To solve this problem you should go into the “Settings” area of your iPhone and click on the “ios settings.” You will find that you can select various options pertaining to wireless networks, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Check the “inetworking” tab and then click on the option that says “auto configure.” You will now be able to enter your WEP or IMAP details after which you will need to hit the “OK” button. Finally, you should save all these changes by clicking on the “Save” button.

If your Att Email not working issue persists despite having changed all these settings, then your problem might lie in the user ID and password that you have set up on the Gmail or Yahoo mail servers. User ID is the user name or the username that you use on the various services that are accessible from your ISP. For instance, if you normally use Gmail then you will use your user id as the username while if you use Yahoo Mail Store as your mail service, then you will use your user id as the password. In both these cases, whenever you try to logon to either the Gmail or Yahoo Mail Servers, an error message will appear telling you that the user you are trying to logon to is not authorized to access this server. In order to fix this issue, you need to change the user Id and password of these two accounts.

Fix ATT Email Not Working Issues

The first step that you can take in fixing the issues with your ATT Email not working issue is to ensure that you have set up and activated all the necessary permissions on your Gmail or Yahoo Mail Server. You should ensure that you have followed the proper procedures for configuring these accounts as per the instructions given on the respective sites. Next, you should log on to these two email services and use the ‘gear’ icon to enter your login credentials. If you are unable to log in to these email accounts, the reason for this could be that you do not have the right user ID and password for these services. If you have set up the necessary permissions on the relevant areas then this problem will be resolved without any further hassle.

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The second step that you should take in fixing the issue with ATT Email not working is to look into the server setting. Basically there are two main ways that you can go about configurationing the server including changing the connection type, security type and port number settings. As far as the security type is concerned, you can either choose to configure the server using the standard security type which allows basic authentication or you can configure the server using the most secure security type which would allow encryption of your emails as well as preventing the server from listening to externally broadcasted events. As far as the port number setting is concerned, you can configure the server so that it replies to all connections coming from a specific port number.

The third and final step that you should take is to look into the registry of your computer. You should look for any damaged files or settings that may be causing your ATT Email not working. To fix this, you should delete all the files and settings that are causing the email service to not function properly and to make your email work flawlessly. There are numerous registry cleaners which are available online which can help you in doing this effortlessly.

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