An Expert’s Guide For Your Customizable Paper Packaging

paper boxes

When you are figuring out which packaging to get you will see that there are many material options available. Paper boxes are popular here. The material is a versatile one that can give you sturdy packaging. Your product can be kept safe inside the box. You need to know how to design the packaging allowing it to stand out and attract those customers for who the product is intended for.

The following is a guide when it comes to customizable paper boxes:

Know who your customers are

It is important that you do your research and knows who your consumer base is before designing paper boxes wholesale. If you know who the customers are you can make boxes that will appeal to them.

Find out the age, gender, geographical location, shopping habits of your customer base if you want the packaging to be designed that will appeal to them.

According to what the product is, you will find out who the target audience is. For example, if you are selling cereal to adults, the boxes will be simple and decent. You can include those points about why your cereal is healthy. If these boxes are being designed to attract kids, they will be bright, colorful and can also have images of cartoon characters printed on them.

Right size and shape box

Paper boxes need to be the right size and shape if they are to ensure the protection of the product. Size is important because when you make a box that is too large, it leads to the products moving around inside. You will be wasting money on the packaging material that is not needed. The box will be heavier so transportation costs will be more as well.

When packaging is too small, the product can get congested inside. The box can also break exposing the item to external influences like germs.

The shape of packaging matters as well. Some businesses may try and make a unique shape but it may not be able to stand comfortably on a store shelf. This is not preferred by retailers and consumers. You need to choose a shape that will be suitable for the product and be simple to use as well.

Details about the product

Paper packaging must include information about the merchandise which will help people know what it is. Research has to be done here as well to find out what to include because adding unnecessary details makes the box look confusing.

If you are for example selling cereal you will state its flavor, ingredients, nutritional information, manufacturing, and expiry date, warnings, how to store and use, weight, etc.

The details need to be added in an attractive font that people will want to read. The size should be thought of carefully as well as color so that it is simple to read. Make it understandable as well. You do not want to make people’s life tougher.

Market the product

Use paper boxes wholesale to advertise what you are selling. The brand can find out what makes their product special and better than the competition. These points can be noted on the boxes making it simpler for people to know the fact.

A brand must not lie over here if it wants to get loyal customers and stay in business. For example, if your cereal has some amazing ingredient that is good for health, this can be stated on the box. You can give proof for this. If the cereal is suitable for those who are dieting, you can let people know about this.

Also, include any deals and discounts that the brand has for the product on paper boxes. These make people think that they are getting a benefit from buying the item.

Increase brand awareness

Paper packaging can increase brand awareness and help the brand get a position in the market. It aids one in knowing more about it as well.

If your brand does not have a logo, design one which should be printed on the box. The logo is used by people to recognize which products are from your business. This is when it is noticeable and memorable and printed on the boxes of all your products.

awant to buy more products or if they need to ask the brand any questions about the product.

State the company’s physical address, phone number, email address, social media links, website.

Keep colors, images, graphics, in mind

Paper boxes wholesale should look attractive if they are to draw the eyes of customers. They must be able to stand out in front of the competition that they are placed with.

Have a look at what is trending in the packaging of your product if you want to know what the competition is doing. You will get ideas from here. Follow the trends but design something unique. For example, you can follow the minimalist trend for the packaging of cosmetics for adults.

Colors give people different feelings and those should be chosen which will signify what the brand wishes to be known. Color psychology is important if you want to know what different colors mean. For example, if the business wants to signify purity, innocence, white can be used.

From the above, you can tell that designed paper boxes in a customizable way can let them stand out and attract. When this happens sales can increase. One major aim of packaging is to keep the product safe. This should be fulfilled or else the packaging has failed. Therefore, choose the best packaging material to make the boxes from. Keep the features of the particular product and your consumer base in mind if you want to design boxes that will be perfect for both.