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9 Google Ranking Factors You Shouldn’t Ignore

A ranking is a relationship between a set of items such that, for any two items, the first is either “ranked higher than”, “ranked lower than” or “ranked equal to” the second. In mathematics, this is known as a weak order or total preorder of objects. It is not necessarily a total order of objects because two different objects can have the same ranking. The rankings themselves are totally ordered. For example, materials are totally preordered by hardness, while degrees of hardness are totally ordered. If two items are the same in rank it is considered a tie.

By reducing detailed measures to a sequence of ordinal numbers, rankings make it possible to evaluate complex information according to certain criteria.Thus, for example, an Internet search engine may rank the pages it finds according to an estimation of their relevance, making it possible for the user quickly to select the pages they are likely to want to see.

Currently, we are in an era of the Internet, and Google is the world’s best search engine with a market share of above 92%. This makes it very important for website owners to look for Google ranking factors to rank their websites in the search engine better. You might know that Google used more than 200 ranking factors in its algorithm.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a method that helps a user to rank his websites higher in the search engine. However, with evolving technology, new ranking factors are added to enhance the results.

Brand Story is the best among the digital marketing companies in Dubai. In order to maintain higher visibility for your websites, here are the most important Google Ranking Factors to help your websites rank higher in SERPs (Search Engine Result Page).

  1. Content

If you want your websites to rank higher in Google’s SERPs, then you must provide original and high-quality content. If your site offers value for the user, they’ll have multiple visits. Do thorough keyword research by taking the search intent of the user into consideration.

  1. Mobile-friendly website

With the rise in mobile devices, & the number of google searches is also increasing day by day. This means that in order to acquire a large number of customers, your websites should be mobile-friendly. Google can quickly index it if your website is mobile-friendly. Mobile compatibility is a top-ranking factor and should have identical contents.

  1. Page speed

According to the studies, the bounce rate doubles for every three seconds delay in page loading. Your website may lose a large number of potential customers if there is a delay in page loading. There are a few ways to increase page speed, like compressing the HTML, CSS files, and javascript, optimizing images, reducing page redirects, etc.

  1. Backlinks

Brand Story is the best agency in digital marketing Dubai, and we know about the methods to increase online sales. Being the best digital marketing agency, we know that Backlinks are the top Google ranking factor. The higher the number of links you have from high authority domains, the more chances for your websites to rank well. So, it would be best if you hire a link building company to complete this task.

  1. URLs

URLs are the most critical factor for better ranking in the search results. They represent the website and deliver the users with adequate information Avoid using only numbers for the URLs and make it user-friendly.

  1. Domain

You’ll surely get a large number of organic visitors if you use exact domain names that include targets and keywords. You should also know that the older domains are better at acquiring organic results as compared to new brands. This is because their activity has been monitored for an extended period by Google.

  1. Brand Value

If your business is an established brand that can attract attention by means of some target keywords in the search engine, then Google will recognize you as a strong business. This will eventually increase your website’s rankings and user traffic.

  1. Social Signal

Having an active social media presence can effectively increase your brand value. Social Media Marketing can act as a source for your brand to get engaged with potential customers through social media platforms. If you upload quality content to your social media accounts regularly, it is sure to increase brand awareness and organic traffic, and visitors. It is also an important factor necessary for higher Google Ranking in the search engine.

  1. Freshness

Google’s Freshness Algorithm has a powerful impact on the rankings. Google prioritizes the content that is new in the market. That’s why you should upload the latest content to rank higher.

These are the top 9 ranking factors that you should consider. Brand Story is the leading seo company Dubai that deals with all types of SEO services. If you really want your websites to rank higher in the search engine, contact us and see the difference within a month.