4 Steps to Increase Business Scale: A Guide for New Entrepreneurs

New entrepreneur

Even when you’re feeling confident, growing your business can be a daunting task. There are so many things to manage and so many decisions to make. But what if I told you that there are four steps that Refresh 24 spa suggests, which will help you grow your business faster and easier than ever? Check out this blog post for more!

Step 1: Expand Your Reach

Use your marketing skills to increase the number of people who know about your company’s product or service. This includes advertising, but also email, social media campaigns, podcasts, etc.

If it sounds complicated and overwhelming – don’t worry! Read step two for some easy tips on how to break down marketing into manageable tasks in order to free up some time for yourself.

Step 2: Automate Your Business

You know what to do, now you just have to keep doing it. Luckily, there are tons of tools out there to help you with that.

It’s important to remember that your time is too valuable for mundane tasks like email, scheduling, and invoicing. Find some time in your week for marketing but automate the other things and free up your time for creativity and innovation.

Always Keep in mind

The last thing you want is for your business to look like it was created by a robot – so make sure that you’re humanizing your brand by updating social media at least once a day and being responsive when customers contact you with concerns or inquiries.

So which tools should you use? It’s hard to say since you’re a unique individual with specific goals and challenges. Try different options and figure out what works best for your business.

If you want to know which tools I personally use – here are my favorites:

  • ActiveCampaign for email automation and lead management
  • Pipedrive for scheduling, invoicing and pipeline management
  • SocialOomph for managing multiple social media accounts at once
  • Evernote for archiving notes and keeping track of ideas.

Your situation is different from mine and so will your favorite tools be. Figure out what works for you and then get rolling!

Step 3: Make it Happen

Even if you’ve done a great job at fine-tuning your strategy, marketing, and automating your business, success won’t come overnight. Be patient – Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Step 4: Refine Your Approach

Take a step back from time to time to evaluate your progress so far. What’s working? What isn’t? Remember that there’s no such thing as perfection – just keep tweaking your approach until you find the right balance between work and life.

Often the best way to do this is to get some feedback from the people around you: your family, friends, and colleagues. What’s working? What isn’t? What could you improve? Remember that they’re not trying to make you feel bad or steal your ideas – they’re just offering their honest opinion.

I know that it’s easier said than done, but try not to take this personally! People care about you and want to see you succeed.

And if someone offers a solution that you’ve already tried and doesn’t seem to have worked out for you, tell them! Let them know what went wrong in order for them to give a better suggestion next time around.

And if you feel as though the answer is: “Everything! I tried everything and nothing works. There’s just no point in trying anymore”, then don’t give up! You will succeed.

We’ve all had moments when it seems like things will never get better, but eventually, they do. Don’t let temporary setbacks bring you down and make you give up.

Any entrepreneur can have an off day, or week, or even year – but what matters is how we deal with it when trouble strikes. If you can’t face those challenges head-on, then you won’t be able to overcome them.

And anyone can do it!

“I’m not saying it’s easy, I’m saying it’s worth it.” – Warren Buffett

Business Strategy

Don’t know where to begin? Try starting with the art of delegation: put your business goals on autopilot and give someone else the responsibility for managing a piece of your business.

How? Use a system like ActiveCampaign that lets you automatically send emails and appointments out to other people. They’ll do the heavy lifting and you can focus on other aspects that need you more.

And if you’re struggling to keep your day-to-day tasks on track, try setting up an automatic routine – like a weekly or monthly report that you follow to get your life back in order.

“We have 100 people working for us, so we do not think about what they are doing.” – Warren Buffett

“Be very careful if someone is asking how to succeed – they are trying to tell you how.

Your focus should always be on doing the best job possible for your customers, but you should never feel bad for asking for help or advice. You’re in the right place in life to take chances and learn new tricks.