• January 6, 2022

Essential Skills to Look for in a React Web Developer

Essential Skills to Look for in a React Web Developer

Front-end developers rely on the most prominent library for their work. This library is not the one you find in your school and college, where millions of books are stuffed. This is the coding library and is termed as – REACT. A front-end developer must necessarily be a react developer to design the best components for your website and develop a user experience-based customized website design. 

Finding suitable react developers for hire is challenging because everyone claims to have the best knowledge. But then, how do you decide whether a particular react developer qualifies or is competent enough for your task? Well, here are the top 6 skills that can help you decide whether or not the react developer is necessarily suitable to create the best front-end design for your web page. 


Any React Developer must be capable of writing, coding, and executing HTML semantic tags to execute front-end design and development better.

  • Have a suitable and in-depth knowledge about the CSS selectors and must be capable of working with CSS reset property.
  • Be proficient and extremely well versed with using box models, including a proper understanding of the flexbox. Resetting border-box s also another utmost necessary skill any react developer must possess.
  • Use the components of HTML and CSS for responsive web element implementation that will highly enhance the engaging interface of the website. Example: providing a perfect system for answering customer queries.

Fundamentals of Java Script

If the base is not strong enough, it cannot hold the building together. This is extremely true in the case of React developers. Java is one of the cores and preliminary react-native components, and no one can be a react developer without sufficient knowledge of Javascript. Along with JAVA, it is crucially important to have a good understanding of the ES6 skills. ES6 has brought about a revolution in new-age keyword usage, and the skills are necessary to curate something specifically functional. Here are the core JAVA script domain critical for any React Developer to have a complete idea about:

  • Array Methods
  • Array Objects
  • Event Handler
  • Manipulating DOM
  • Object Creation
  • Arrow Functions
  • Call Back Function
  • Prototypical Inheritance
  • Keywords like “Class” and “This”

Node & NPM

Did you wink as you read the term Node? Because that is not very common for react developers to get into. React style and Node may seem to be highly antagonistic to each other. However, that is not true. Indeed proficient Node developers have extended knowledge of all the components of the development library, including Node. 

React developers must also have a sound knowledge of the NPM registry. NPM is a genuinely reliable place where you can get all your software development help from. It is almost like a cloud storage option on which the react developers can depend. In the case of the npm registry, one also needs to be sound about the Yarn. Yarn is a virtual manager that will help in the smooth operation of the npm registry.


Ike most other interfaces, react has a management or an alert system that helps better operate the interface. Redux is the in-built management system aimed at the easy operation of React. Redux is like a management library born out of the problems that most react developers’ problems for ages. Functional programming and immutability are the driving forces behind Redux. The idea is to learn the basic principles of React initially and then learn about the principles of Redux to operate React efficiently. For a reputed react developer, it is essential to understand both React and Redux. 


A gardener has a spade, a scissor, pruners, and many things in their toolkit to create and maintain a good garden. Git is that toolkit box for every React developer that helps them execute React coding and development efficiently. There is nothing unique or special to learn about Git. You cannot become a react developer if you don’t know about GIt. Just like nobody can lean to frame sentences. Git helps to put together and efficiently operate a lot of domains of React development like using the features of push and pull, adding and committing to efficiently track the changes, handling any conflict while merging, and handling branching strategies. 


HTML is not a core component of React. Instead, the syntax extension of JSX is all you need to work with React. It is a close counterpart of HTML. The basic use of JSX is to prevent API from becoming messy and challenging to handle. 

These are the six core skills that any React developer must essentially have. Make sure you test their proficiency on all of these before trusting them with any development work.