Tips and tricks for mobile car detailing

Tips and tricks for mobile car detailing

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  • December 29, 2021

Taking right care of a car is very important, the concept of mobile car detailing is trending a lot, it helps the owner in preserving the original appearance of the car, be it as simple as investing in wax to keep the paint of the car brand new, treating plastic materials with dressing to ensure that they look and feel the way they should. In this article, we discuss the various tips that one must follow for mobile car detailing.

What is mobile car detailing?

Mobile car detailing or auto detailing is an activity or a professional service that helps in keeping a vehicle in the best possible condition. It can be attained by removing all the interior and exterior contaminants from both interior and exterior parts of the car. 

Tips and tricks for mobile car detailing are:

  1. Dry glass surfaces

In order to remove any streak of dirt that one might encounter while cleaning the window glass, one must clean that glass from two directions, the interior from one and the exterior glass from the other. In such a manner identifying the direction of the streak of dirt will become easier.

  1. Clean the top of the windows

The top of the windows should not only be cleaned from inside and the outside, but also from its top. When excess products are used while cleaning, it can cause dripping, spilling, and streaking marks on the window, once the cleaning of the window is done from its interior and exterior parts, it is important to give the window that finishing touch by cleaning it from its very top.

  1. Fortnightly shampoo the car

If you want that the paintwork on the car remains glossy and shiny always, give your car a shampoo bath every fourteen days, it does not remove the protective layer of the paintwork but using the wrong products can, such as using other washing agents can. 

  1. Use a towel to dry the paintwork 

Letting your car air dry after washing it with water may cause watermarks to develop on the surface of the car, therefore, it is advisable to clean the car with a microfibre towel after giving a wash to the car, this towel cleaning of the car will help in drying those water droplets present on the car surface. The figure of action called 8 is the most feasible way to clean dry the car surface, it involves cleaning the car right from the top of the car and then proceeding down from each panel to wipe away all the excess water and let the paintwork shine even more.

  1. Swirl marks can be treated with polish

Swirl marks are formed when the wrong kind of cloth is used to clean the car, they can be removed using a polish and not wax. In order to remove the swirl marks, one should use a clean cloth or sponge and after cleaning the car daily with it, rinse it well so that on the next use it does not create any scratches on the glass as well as the paintwork of the car. The dirt particles that are present on a dirty cloth can harm the paint of the car and cause dullness to the spark of the car.

These are certain ways in which one can think of maintaining the car in a good condition, using the right technique of cleaning and wiping the car, using the right products, using the right cloth or sponge to clean the dirt off the car and other little day-to-day action points can help in keeping the car in right shape.