• November 20, 2021

Wireless Broadband – Bringing WIFI to the Next Level

Wireless Broadband – Bringing WIFI to the Next Level

Through the years, WiFi is upgrading constantly since there’s more demand for faster Internet connections. Seemingly, people today are content with home wireless broadband to enjoy the Internet for whatever purpose, whether in homes or in places with connectivity.

Initially, the systems featured between 1 and 2Mbps but nowadays, experts say that there are systems offering a thousand times more capacity, that is, higher than 1Gbps. When WiFi was first conceived way back, it was supposedly created for corporate workgroups firstly, so that users could share file servers and printers and secondly, for them to access the company network which was a system typically controlled by only one data centre.

However, in the late 1990’s, WiFi’s system changed from being internally-focused to externally-focused. People clamoured for the Internet at their respective offices and ihomes, which are being turned into workspaces. And today, we have apps that demand higher bandwidth from games to videos in our smartphones, laptops, PC’s and other apparatuses. Hence, the need for faster Internet. The fact cannot be denied – that accessibility to WIFi has been considered a crucial necessity across the world in the 21st century.

Nevertheless, there are times when users observe that the connection slowed down once multiple WiFi devices are used simultaneously on a single network. It seems the additional devices are taking a toll on the WiFi network. Furthermore, there were also instances when WiFI connection suffered from delays and interruptions. Thus, the experts thought of bringing WiFi to the next level.

New WiFi Technologies 

WiFi 6

If you’re fed up with slow Internet, you may want to up your connection to the next level for faster and more stable WiFi speeds. For sure, most people these days are not even aware that there’s what is called the next generation of WiFi referred to as the WiFi 6.

Here are some facts about WiFi 6:

  1. It comes with new technologies that could help lessen the problems of attaching numerous devices on a lone network.
  2. It’s not all about simply speeding up the connections. While WiFi 6 increases speed for individual gadgets, it also enhances the network when so many devices are connected altogether.
  3. It helps your router send data to several devices at one go within the same broadcast. With that, connections are kept strong even when multiple devices need data.
  4. Where speed used to be 3.5Gbps on WiFI 5, it’s now 9.6Gbps on WiFi 6 that can be split up over an entire network of devices, meaning to say, more possible speed for every device.
  5. WiFi 6 works best in smart homes, offices, and public places where many devices are connected to the same network.  

MU-MIMO Technology

If you upgrade to WiFI 6, your router and other smart gizmos better are brand new, too – those that support the WIFI 6 technology. MU-MIMO or Multiple User – Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output is one of the major technologies that encourage the development of high-performance next-generation wireless networks. This technology makes your router connect to several devices in your home all at the same time.

In simple terms, it makes life less complicated for all your connected instruments. Imagine if all ten people in your house use an array of devices simultaneously. That means heavy traffic to and from your router, creating some lag time. MU-MIMO helps by making every device transmit and receive information in real-time at uniform speeds.

Those innovations above are only two of the latest WiFi technologies but there are still more to explore. So continue surfing using your home wireless broadband.