• November 12, 2021

How The Expert can Handle The Query of The Student in College

How The Expert can Handle The Query of The Student in College

The right way of communication is very important for guiding a student. There are various ways of assisting a student. It is important to demonstrate genuine interest. 

An instructor can motivate a student. They can be requested to respond to important questions. As the students come across difficulties, the families must not solve those difficulties.

 The family should not look for unsolicited guidance. There are members in a family who can pay attention to the problem of the student. They can raise questions and this will assist the students significantly which will help in finding out the right solution. 

Various Ways of Dealing with Student Queries

There are various methods of tackling the query of a student. They are as follows: 

  1. Google Scholar

A student loves every aspect of Google. The main feature is the user-friendly design. Some results are distributed across millions of pages that come one after the other. 

The present algorithm of the search engine gives priority to quality rather than stuffing keywords. They also examine different metrics. It is important to check whether the outcome is worthwhile to share in the upcoming research paper.

  1. Microsoft Academic

This is another way of online research other than Google Scholar. This has been launched again in 2016. There was some disappointment in the launch during 2012. 

This is a 2.0 version and it presents an awesome outcome. It optimizes the process of search. It is a resource using a concept identified as semantic search. 

They are going to check the true meaning of the word. They will explore the meaning of those phrases. It will not depend on the keywords. You can ask for academic assignment help.

  1. Educational Resources Information Center

This is a popular resource. It is meant for those who want to be a teacher. This is also great for professionals in different fields. ERIC has a full form and it is Educational Resources Information Center.

 There is a huge database. It includes more than 1.3 million records of bibliography. This consists of citations and abstracts. 

There is some bibliography which is around the 1960s. I have come across resources from peer-reviewed journals. It will get the top priority in the digital collection and ERIC offers access to various documents which are not in the journal.

4. Research Gate

More than 16 million researchers trust ResearchGate. It is a popular search engine. This offers outcomes for more than 135 million research papers. 

In 2008, this website was started. Two physicians had begun the website along with computer scientists. This is a great social network that is a good source for academic data.

5. Semantic Scholar

This utilizes the idea of artificial intelligence. It could be natural language processing along with machine learning. This is a popular site for scholarly research work.

 This website is controlled by artificial intelligence. It draws data from more than 184 million scientific research papers. There is a linking of data for sharing with users in a holistic way for modern topics where you can explore excellent Assignment Help Malaysia

6. Start class using deep breathing exercise

There is a lot of disruption and excitement. The transition from one class to another is responsible for it. The students find it challenging. 

The student should choose a quiet place. There is less distraction. It is important to remember that the place is free from clutter.

It is a problem for the teachers also. Before the class, it is good to take a break of 60 seconds. This will assist the students to concentrate on their breathing patterns. 

It will help them control their nervous system. Their brain becomes prepared for learning something new. An effective way is to reduce the intensity of the lights. 

It is good to instruct the student in a soft voice. The teacher can tell the student in this way. ‘Please sit straight. 

You can also stand straight. You need to put the feet over your floor in a flat way. It is good to put your hands above your legs. 

You need to close your eyes. You have to take rest easily. It is important to sit straight again. 

You have to feel a string linking the head with the ceiling. You need to imagine and make your chin parallel with your floor. It is necessary to focus on the breath, which is a great way to experience the feeling in the belly.’