Creative Ways to Incorporate Middle Eastern Rugs into Your Home

Creative Ways to Incorporate Middle Eastern Rugs into Your Home

Middle Eastern patterns and rugs are some of the most beautiful pieces of home decor that you can find. They have a rich history and beautifully intricate designs that will enhance any room in your house. Middle Eastern patterns are beautiful, elegant, and exotic. They can be used to accentuate any room in your home, but they’re especially great for adding warmth and color to a space that may be otherwise bland. These Rug designs are a great way to make your home feel warm and inviting. These rugs can be used to create a focal point or simply as a decoration. If you’re looking to add some Middle Eastern style to your home, here are 12 easy ways to incorporate them into all aspects of your interior design!

Create a Statement with Turkish Kilims

Turkish homes are beautiful and classic. They’re decorated with a lot of ornate rugs and patterns, which can be very expensive. But you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on your home decor! You can use smaller Turkish Kilims as statement pieces in rooms throughout the house. If you want something small that will impact, look for one or two best kilim rugs with intricate patterns. Then, place them under your furniture to create a beautiful design element in the room! If you want to use kilim rugs as an ointment for very specific areas of your home, look at Moroccan mosaics or Persian carpets. These will work great on walls and floors. You can also do more with Turkish Kilims. For example, you can use them as wall hangings or bed covers. Another great idea is to mount these rugs on walls for a modern design element that will bring your interior decor together!

Create a Floor Seating with Flatweave Rugs

The perfect way to include rugs of Middle Eastern patterns and styles in your interior design is through floor seating. You can opt for flatweave kilims or a colorful rug. Try a mixture of both. A few floor cushions with tribal patterns will complete the look. Consider using a braided rug for seating arrangements in your living room or foyer for a simpler interior. You can also use one of these rugs as an area rug under your coffee table or dining table where family and friends will gather around during gatherings with loved ones! The floor seating will bring that perfect middle eastern feel to your home.

Rethink How You Use Oriental Rugs

You can also include Middle Eastern styles in your interior design by opting for an oriental runner on a wall. It is especially great if you have wooden or marble floors and add warmth, color, and texture to the room’s decor. You can place this beautiful rug along a hallway that leads into other rooms of your home. It will give the area a beautiful aesthetic that you can enjoy while walking through your home instead of just admiring it from afar! Also, opting for the living room rugs in the oriental style provides a cozy atmosphere while also creating an intriguing focal piece for your home. The living room is where everyone gathers as a family, so it’s important to make the area as comfy and to invite as possible.

Middle Eastern-Inspired Wall Hanging

Another great idea to add Middle Eastern design elements into your interior is by opting for wall hangings inspired by the region’s culture and style. You can find a fabric or even framed photos of beautiful designs on sale at most stores these days, but if you’re looking to spend a bit more on your decor, then consider purchasing an actual rug that’s inspired by the Middle Eastern culture. A small rug as a wall hanging can be a great way to spruce up your living room. You can also hang multiple rugs together to create a more dramatic design piece and fix them onto your living room wall.

Middle Eastern-Inspired Curtains and Wall Decor

To give an area of your home that Middle Eastern feel, there are plenty of options available for decorating with rugs as well as fabric panels or tapestries. For a more formal and luxurious look, you can hang Middle Eastern-inspired curtains that are sure to make your room pop. If you want something even simpler for the bedroom or living area, hanging up fabric panels is an easy way to add some Middle Eastern texture and design into the decor. Adding elegant curtains or tapestries to your room will also help highlight the beauty of any Middle Eastern rugs you may have in that space as well.

Silk and Velvet Fabrics

The easiest way to add Middle Eastern-inspired patterns and designs into your decor is by using curtains. Silk or velvet fabrics are great for this purpose as their luxurious feel will accentuate the glamor of any space they’re placed in. You can use silk or velvet fabric panels on their own, paired with other colors, shapes, and textures you have throughout your home or as accents on your existing curtains. For example, you can use velvet fabric to highlight the top of a curtain panel and silk fabric for the bottom portion to look like two different panels instead of one whole piece. The use of silk and velvet will create the perfect Middle eastern design in your home. To create a more cohesive look, use a single color scheme throughout your room. This will make the middle eastern rug you choose stand out more and give off its full effect in whatever space it’s placed in. For example, you can go with reds or jewel tones like blue or green for a bedroom to capture that Middle Eastern feeling.

Middle Eastern-Inspired Patterns & Designs

Another easy way to incorporate Middle Eastern design elements into your home is by using patterns and designs. Usually, Middle Eastern rugs will be bolder in design than most other styles of rug you’ll find at your local retailer or online. This means that though they may seem intimidating to use, the right color scheme can bring something special to any room. Middle eastern-style patterned rugs come in just about any color you could want. A fun and bold patterned rug is a great way to inject a little personality into their room without going overboard for those looking to match your children’s or teenagers’ bedrooms.

On a Final Note

Middle Eastern rugs are known for their rich and diverse patterns, creating a unique interior design. We’re always looking for interesting ideas to bring the magic of these carpets into our homes, so we’ve compiled some creative home decor ideas with middle eastern rug styles. Whether you go bold or subtle in your choices, there’s plenty of room to make this style work, no matter what your taste. So before you buy your next rug from RugKnots – consider one that will give an authentic touch to the inside of your house!