Create infographics the Easy Way with DesignCap

Create infographics the Easy Way with DesignCap

Although most productivity specialists have their manual, they tend to agree on one thing. You focus on what adds value and delegate or outsource those activities that are not part of your primary business. It would be good advice if one had enough money to hire employees or companies to take care of them when starting a business.

A good alternative is online services such as DesignCap that offer you predesigned options at a much lower cost. DesignCap allows you to easily create graphic designs and use them in your digital marketing and social media campaigns.

What is DesignCap?

DesignCap is a very practical online design platform for designing posters, flyers, statistic charts, infographics, etc. Whether you are a content producer, speaker, data analyst, or designer, you can easily use DesignCap creative, and good ideas are presented.

In addition, DesignCap has very rich templates and elements. It can easily design modifications in the way of using drag, that is, you don’t need to learn Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator can also become a designer.

DesignCap Package

The free version can use fewer templates and materials. The number of images and designs that can be uploaded is only 5, and the files that can be downloaded are limited to JPG files.

In contrast, after upgrading to the Basic and Plus packages, all templates will be activated and downloaded into PNG and PDF files. The difference is that the basic version has 100 designs that can be uploaded and accessed, while the advanced version has 1000 designs. In addition, the Plus version can upload fonts by itself. If you have a favorite font platform that is not available on the platform, you can also upload and use it yourself.

Why should you use DesignCap?

  • There are thousands of exquisite templates for creating posters, logos, banners, infographics, etc.
  • Drag-and-drop editing, layout modification with high-degree of freedom
  • Support 7 languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German.
  • You can create infographics to increase the spreading power and strengthen the website SEO.

Two critical features of DesignCap

Visualization Chart Production

I think the chart is the advantage of DesignCap, and you can pull the desired chart directly, slightly modify the table content and values, and do a beautiful chart now. Students who need to do bring often need to use the data story. The office worker is very practical.

The module can be resolved.

DesignCap has a built-in module stock that is a visual presentation method that is quite different when making a briefing, and these modules have a high degree of freedom, which can be split and recombinant.

How infographics can increase your website SEO

If you put an infographic in the article, you can turn the dull text into a vivid visual icon, which helps convey your message.

From an SEO point of view, infographics are one of the most effective ways to establish reverse links. Because it can convey important information very quickly, it also has a greater chance of being quoted by others and setting backlinks.

According to Hubspot statistics, people will only remember 10% of the content three days after reading the text. However, if you use an infographic with meaningful content, the amount still remembered after three days will increase to 65%.

If you are doing content marketing, infographics will effectively increase the spreading power, and DesignCap will be a valuable platform for making infographics.

DesignCap powerful infographic production

What is an infographic? Information is visual content. It shows the knowledge, information or information of information, information or information, and let the reader take a bunch of time to see a long article.

How to make infographics with DesignCap?

Step 1: Select Template Types

DesignCap’s template type is very much. Here an infographic is an example.

Each template can preview and customize. Select customization to enter the edit page. Through the means of the template, DesignCap allows you to complete your design within 5 minutes quickly.

Step 2: Modify template elements.

Each of the templates can be customized, with elements, photos, charts, texts, and modules on the left side of the editor, which are designed in a trailer form. Some footage has diamond symbols, and only paid subscribers can be used.

Step 3: Download your design.

After completing, click on the upper right corner to download. The free version is only the JPG size can be selected. The paid plan can choose PNG and PDF downloads.

In conclusion

I’m thrilled that there are more and more design platforms like DesignCap on the market, which significantly reduces the design burden of non-designer. Whether you want to blog, a data speaker or Poster design will become very easy with these platforms.