• November 14, 2021

Choose the right elementary school for kids

Choose the right elementary school for kids

The most important decision that the parents need to take is to choose a school which can prepare their kids for a great future because the global condition is on a constant flux.

When looking for the best states with public schools there are plenty of indicators that the parents should consider before they make the final choice. Here are some major keys which can help them to select the right school which can be effective for the education of the child:

Curriculum and co-curricular activities

To a great extent a good school stands apart from others is because of its curriculum. The curriculum choices are mostly developed by the different state boards present in the country. Here, the popular ones which are followed are the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), CISCE (The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations), CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education) and IB (International Baccalaureate Program). The depth of a curriculum and its methodology can influence a child’s career trajectories because it can shape their higher education. If the parents have a plan to send the child to a different country for higher education (especially US), then they must consider a curriculum which is US recognised. So, a proper research is needed to be done about the school’s curriculum offerings. Apart from studies, the school should also concentrate on how to develop the cognitive and physical skills of their students. This can effect their overall personality. When a school offers a wide range of co curricular activities like performing arts, outdoor sports, arts and crafts and other things then all of these become a part of their learning experience which is an essential thing. These opportunities are needed to because these can help one to learn about the critical life skills. All of them together make a holistic development of a child.

Student-teacher ratio

Small class sizes are said to have a positive effect on the learning of children. If there is a lower student teacher ratio, then it can provide more opportunities for students to participate in the class discussions and ask more questions if they have doubts. It is beneficial for the teachers as well because they can pay more attention to each students of the class while teaching them. They get the full potential to reach all the students in their class and solve the issues they are facing.

Teaching and learning style

One also needs to see what exactly the teaching style in a school is. It is true that the teaching style might differ from one class to another and from one teacher to another but there has to be some basic consistency and effectiveness in the overall teaching style of the school. If that is followed well, then the children can learn better and also execute their learning in a better way in future.

One should definitely make sure that the schools they are looking for are adhered to the NCERT rule book which belongs to the CBSE curriculum. There are many schools which appear to be an affiliated institution but actually they are not. They go ahead by carrying a fake identity. So, one must research thoroughly so that they can stay away from these fake schools.

Subjects and the options

There are plenty of schools that belong to the CBSE board in India. There are plenty of schools all over India and they have different zones because they come under different states. That is why; they offer various languages as their subjects and options. One has to be very clear on which subjects and languages they want to choose. The subject shift mostly happen when one reaches the secondary level and so one has to remember that.

Assessments and Achievements

Most of the schools that follow the CBSE education curriculum have to 2 semesters in an academic year. So, it gives the children to learn and study well throughout the year. When one is in search for a good school for their child then they need to make sure that the school must have a healthy assessment program and also they are safe. One can ask the existing students of the school or their parents about the school and get a survey done.

If one wants to look for  private Christian elementary schools then they must make a thorough research at first and then find the right one for their kids to attend.