• November 10, 2021

What is Nomophobia? The Fear Of Being Without Phone – Must Read It Once

What is Nomophobia? The Fear Of Being Without Phone – Must Read It Once

Cell phone boxes are a reliable and efficient type of packaging solution. They are made from cardboard, kraft, and bux board materials. These materials make them printable and durable. They can protect your highly valuable smartphones and accessories during presentations and deliveries. Their printable surfaces make brands able to get them printed with mobile specifications, features, qualities, and manufacturing details.

Some are also getting them printed with astonishing and appealing color schemes to get the attention of customers. They are affordable even with their remarkable customization options. They are eco-friendly because of their natural manufacturing with organic or naturally extracted materials. No one can deny that without cell phone boxes, it is hard to live in the present era.

They are not just ordinary communicational devices. They are the reason why social media and markets are growing tremendously. There is this term called Nomophobia has been introduced recently, which means a fear of being without a phone. Brands are constantly selling these products in cell phone boxes all across the world. People have gotten addicted to them because of their various features and functionalities.

What is Nomophobia?

Everyone has gone through the fear once in their lives that they have lost or forgotten their phone somewhere. People even feel terrified if they have to live in a place where they are not allowed to use the internet or smartphones. If you ever feel any of those things, you have the symptoms of Nomophobia. It is a phobia which is the short term of “no-mobile-phone-phobia.”

By UK postal office, this term was used back in 2008. They have conducted an experiment on 2100 people, and according to that experiment, 51% of the people had the symptoms of this phobia. They have analyzed people by giving those situations like low battery cellphones, losing cellphones, and hiding chargers. The increase of selling cell phone boxes is also increasing due to the utilization of cell phones.

That study showed that people have so much fear inside them regarding the loss of their cellphone that they would not even turn their phones off even when they are not using them. Some said that they have to remain in contact with their families, while some have the need to remain connected with their work things. Some people even do not go out without their cell phone box. This research had limited resources and had been conducted in the past, but it is true in every aspect.


A phobia is not something that can be easily diagnosed. But in order to work on it, there has to be detailed research on its symptoms. Nomophobia is not a clinical condition. Still, there are a lot of symptoms that can show that you are going through this fear. The first symptom on the list is the inability to make your phone turn off. Taking your cellphone to even washroom can also be a symptom.

Always checking out battery percentage even if it is fully charged is another reason. Some people always remain in the quest for Wi-Fi or cellular data networks so that their phones can remain connected to the internet. Considering retail packaging, yourself in any worry or situation and fear that no one will be around at that time is also a symptom of this phobia. Skipping plans with friends can also be a problem regarding more utilization of cellphone.

Some Known Characteristics:

Even the nature of Nomophobia is not clinical, but it can still impact the lives of persons in many ways. There are many dimensions in which this phobia is working on the minds and senses of people. The very first characteristic of this phobia is that you will not be able to communicate with other people that easily. For instance, if you look on social media platforms, people have a lot of things to talk about.

They write huge comments and text messages to each other. In short, they like to give their opinion. And when you talk with them, they will have very short things to say on anything. That is the main characteristic of this phobia. Feeling disconnected generally is also another characteristic of this condition. Reading sad quotations and watching traumatic movies, people consider those things as they are happening with them.

Causes of the Phobia:

The first factor to notice here is that now people are connected to their cell phones with so many things. They organize their work from them, communicate with their loved ones, do daily tasks from it, and share personal information. In short, there are multiple tasks that people cannot perform without their cell phones. Similarly, there are pieces of researches that show that the average daily usage of a cellphone user is of 7 to 8 hours which is a lot. Even old people have started to gain familiarity with social media platforms through cell phones. 

All of this is only leading us towards the extreme usage of these devices. This dependency shows that people cannot live without their phones. That is the reason why they are getting Nomophobia. They think that if they do not care about having their phone, health and fitness is important tasks will be left out, which is actually true in many cases.

The world is moving towards a time where the cure of Nomophobia is impossible to find. Brands are selling cellphones in cell phone boxes at an extensive rate. Everyone has their own smartphone whether they are children or adults. To be honest, we cannot live without technology anymore. Our work lives, and every other issue and need is dependent on it. And cellphone has a huge role in resolving those needs. That is even one of many reasons why businesses are getting wholesale cell phone boxes to meet the increasing need for these devices.