• November 15, 2021

Benefits of Using Azure Cloud Automation

Benefits of Using Azure Cloud Automation

Azure Automation provides a complete cloud-based infrastructure, complete with system updates, rich configuration, deployment, and monitoring support, along with an intuitive, web-based admin interface. It also comes with process management, dashboard automation, integration and security management, full deployment management and various other key services.

In short, Azure Automation brings together several key components and services from Microsoft to provide a complete cloud-based solution for managing on-premises and hybrid systems. The solution also comes with full visibility and control of the infrastructure, along with reporting and custom analytics.

Benefits of Using Azure

Many organizations today are already reaping the benefits of using Azure, and many more are expected to adopt this software package soon.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, there are three different ways to deploy and manage a custom ERP system, which are:

  • SQL Server on-premises,
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-demand,
  • On-demand or on-site SQL servers.

All three ways have their benefits and drawbacks, which must be weighed carefully to determine which one is best for a specific organization. SQL Server on-demand requires greater capacity and faster implementation due to the need for system updates. On-site or on-demand SQL servers may require greater storage and bandwidth and are generally used by larger organizations that have more complicated business processes.

With the additional management functions provided by azure cloud automation, it is possible to eliminate some of these system management tasks, thus increasing efficiency.

When planning for a custom ERP system, many organizations face several challenges, such as scalability issues, lack of access control, compatibility concerns, system upgrade, compliance considerations, as well as IT support costs. Many solutions offer all these services in one package, but at a higher price point.

Deployment and Access Control

Azure automation simplifies the complex task of deployment and access control, while providing complete automation and monitoring capabilities for on-premises SQL servers. Many providers offer cloud-based or hybrid versions of azure automation, which allow users to manage an on-premises or cloud server while avoiding the complexity of installing and managing it on the company’s own internal network.

The flexibility and cost savings provided by azure automation make it a highly attractive option for SME initiatives.

Deployment of Applications

Organizations that use azure automation to gain greater control over the deployment of applications and data can run books in parallel, with real-time reporting and more detailed logs when necessary.

When running books in parallel, this capability allows users to run reports such as those from Excel or SQL Server and use the custom reports from the command line interface, without having to run programs from the SQL server or from the command line. This helps the organization to save a significant amount of money on buying new software, when they can instead buy version of azure automation running within an existing infrastructure.

If the organization does not have the experience or capacity to develop, or maintain, new software, they can always turn to the azure automation account that comes pre-integrated with the platform.


You also get a lot of benefit from running azure automation in the business itself. Many companies can reduce their IT budgets when they begin to utilize the capabilities of their cloud environment via azure automation tools. You can contact software company in India for this kind of services.

Rather than spending money and time on purchasing new software and new hardware for computers and servers, you can use existing resources to run payroll and track expenses. If a company utilizes its own VDI appliances to run its applications (as is often the case), then the company can also eliminate its need for expensive third-party software licensing fees.

While some think that azure automation tools may not be as powerful as those used by large software companies, there are benefits to using this type of tool for your small business as well.

Final Words

As mentioned above, companies can use azure automation tools to automate a variety of business tasks, such as employee scheduling, payroll, hiring process, time tracking, customer support, and much more. Find out more technology related posts here.

In addition to this, the availability of source control and repo management will allow you to automate tasks related to merges, fixes, bug fixes, patches, and more.

The ability to create custom branch environments and integrate your team’s code with theirs will enable you to maintain compliance with your customers and your business will run seamlessly.