Which Techniques Used By The Skin Clinic Abu Dhabi For Laser Treatment?

Which Techniques Used By The Skin Clinic Abu Dhabi For Laser Treatment?

Dermatologist at Skin Clinic Abu Dhabi use one of these two techniques in most laser procedures

Ablative method (removes damaged cells from the upper layers of the skin)

Non-ablative method (generates heat inside the skin to increase collagen production)

Cost of laser treatment.

The cost per treatment is different and depends on the time and effort required by the Skin Clinic Abu Dhabi. Skin Clinic Abu Dhabi is here to provide our patients with the best long-term results at an affordable cost.

Laser Hair Removal

If you are not satisfied with the results of tweezing, waxing or razor hair removal, laser hair removal may be an option to consider. Compared to other hair removal methods, it is fast. Unwanted hair is removed with laser pulses produced by the laser device. It destroys the hair follicles and gives the patient smooth, hair-free skin. During laser hair removal, swelling or redness may occur. You will need 5 to 6 treatments to permanently remove unwanted hair.

Laser skin tightening.

The laser can be used to tighten loose skin in specific areas of the body. It reforms the elasticity of the skin by stimulating collagen production. The areas most frequently treated are the face, neck, thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Laser skin tightening gives the face a youthful glow. It eliminates wrinkles, fine lines and sagging of the face.

Laser tattoo removal

You are not satisfied with your tattoo? Do you want it to disappear? If so, laser tattoo removal can help. It breaks down the tattoo pigments and removes the ink from the tattoo without leaving any scars. In just a few laser treatments, your skin can be rid of the ink.

Laser skin resurfacing

This popular anti-aging treatment works by removing damaged skin cells layer by layer. The new skin that forms after healing is firmer, younger and fresher. It can treat wrinkles around the eyes, mouth or forehead only, or the entire face. It takes 30 to 45 minutes if only certain areas are treated, but the entire face takes longer.

Laser liposuction.

Laser liposuction is also known as lipolysis. It works by removing excess fat deposits in different parts of the body. High-powered laser pulses are applied directly to the chubby areas to improve their appearance. This treatment also produces an effective skin tightening effect.

Laser skin whitening

It improves skin tone and helps you achieve clear, glowing skin. Laser skin whitening also plays an important role in refining the skin texture. At the same time, it can also treat hyperpigmentation problems.