The Shark Navigator Professional Lift-Away Nv356e

The Shark Navigator Professional Lift-Away Nv356e

The shark navigator professional lift-away nv356e is a lightweight, shark navigator lift-away professional nv356e vacuum that is designed to be able to handle any type of flooring. It’s a versatile machine that has many features and attachments for cleaning just about anything from carpets and rugs to hardwood floors and upholstery. If you have been searching for the perfect shark navigator lift-away professional nv356e vacuum, this article will help you find it!

Why shark navigator lift-away professional nv356e

The Shark NV356e is the convenience of a light Upright and an easily detachable canister vacuum. Suction never goes out of whack, which gives this vacuum constant suction power. To keep you safe from breathing through the dirt and dust when you vacuum, Shark has an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology(tm) which captures 99.99 percent of dust within the vacuum. Live-time HEPA filter. The smooth-gliding steering and steering wheels allow for easier movement around furniture. Five-year warranty. Brushroll switch-off for effective carpet and floor cleaning. By rotating your collar in the direction of the hand you can adjust how much suction you get. It is crucial for vacuuming delicate rugs drapes and other items that don’t require the full force of suction.

The Shark Navigator NV356e Professional includes the largest capacity lift-away canister that lets you sweep your staircases, furniture drapes, upholstery, ceiling fan, as well as many other difficult to reach areas. The model is comparable with Dyson vacuums. Vacuum comes with: Professional dust-away bare floor tool (washable) Super-stretch Hose crevice tools, microfiber pads Turbo brush for pet hair. This Turbo brush is perfect for lifting dust and hairs from the carpeted steps and furniture. This Shark Navigator Professional model NV356E comes with an upright vacuum that is lightweight and an easily detachable canister. To ensure clean air as you clean it, the Shark comes with an enclosed system and an all-year HEPA filter to remove dirt and allergens. The model comes with characteristics and features that are comparable as Dyson vacuums. Its swivel-wheel steering design makes it much easier to move than static wheel vacuums. These tools are included to assist you in cleaning floors that are not clean. The pet hair turbo-brush will be able to get ground into dust, hair as well as dust from your furniture and steps. The model has received a lot of positive reviews from customers. This model is an Smart-Review top choice and is an excellent value when you consider an upright as well as a canister.

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