• August 12, 2021

4 Steps To Transform A Simple T-Shirt Into A Designer For Your Business

4 Steps To Transform A Simple T-Shirt Into A Designer For Your Business

Starting a new business is a cool idea! You have got all the necessary stuff with you, from the website to the legal documents. But the trend of the company’s customized t-shirt is ruling the industry and it is an innovative idea loved by the customer. 

The concept is not new though and has past records of the logo printed on the t-shirts. Since then, it is in the market as a practical approach and tends to offer many small to big benefits to companies. To your help, here is the step-by-step process explained of getting some amazing ideas to get a printed t-shirt for your business. Whether you are a newcomer or a pro, you will definitely learn something new! 

How you can design a printed business t-shirt?

1. Investigating why you need a shirt

Your first step should be why you want a t-shirt for your business? Since there is no shortage of reasons, maybe you have a specific goal in mind. This will be your guide in the design process to investigate why you need a printed tee for your business and what purpose will it serve? 

Maybe you aim for brand promotions in front of clients & customers through promotional t-shirts, they serve the purpose well. When people notice employees wearing the logo printed t-shirt, they come to know about your business directly. What an impactful first impression in front of the audience! 

The other reasons can be t-shirts for meetings so that the clients or investors come to know about your efficiency. Business t-shirts having pictures or deliberated visuals with some text can lift up your business to great extent. Also, the company’s t-shirts help in creating a sense of section among workers in a business.

A highly appealing design can also be utilized for selling the t-shirts which will contribute to the income for the company. Next, if you are going to organize any promotional event or anything, t-shirts serve the purpose here too.

2. Defining the cost, mass, and timeline 

When you start printing t-shirts for your business, you need to consider some of the details!

The first thing that should be deciding about the number of t-shirts required which lets you choose the appropriate printing method for the work. Some methods are ideal for bulk orders while others are pricey for as per custom socks to be printed.  Also, you need to be very clear with the budget you have for the printing of t-shirts. If you can expand the budget, you can get more T-shirts with detailed images and multiple colors.

Have you fixed any time for your results? As the designing and printing process takes time, go for the method that suits your timeline as well. If possible, set some flexible time limit that allows you to design and coordinate with your printer device.  

3. Knowing your printing options for the t-shirts 

With so many printing methods available like screen printing, and others, choosing the one that meets your needs is a tough job. There are different ways to get that done, but some of them are very common and are preferred to use by the industries. 

Describing screen printing, it very well suits your pocket and goes very well with t-shirt printing. What makes it so popular because of its authenticity and economic rates with high-quality results. The other one, DTG is a new printing option for a t-shirt that offers more detail and color options that you can use for t-shirt printing. You are allowed to create customizable designs with many color choices available.

4. Work on your design concept

The design of your business t-shirt should be according to the ideas for communication along with creating the impression in front of users. Start exploring your ideas to expand your connectivity so that you end up with an impressive result. The more time you invest in working on your design, the better will be the result.

You should be clear with the type of t shirt graphic design that you prefer to print. There are different style patterns of t-shirts to choose from. Despite the financial thing, the selection of t-shirt types brings some unique choices of design. Go with the style that reflects your message to the customer and takes benefit of the style too.

The next thing is the size of the t-shirts that are going to be printed for your business. The images or text are scaled differently on the fabric, so images may get deformed due to sizes. Choose the size accordingly so that the print can’t be ruined.

You also need to invest some time in the images as well as the colors of the print so that it can clearly reflect the message to the audience.