• August 19, 2021

Step by Step Guide for Writing a Lab Report

Step by Step Guide for Writing a Lab Report

Writing a lab report is a crucial part of all laboratory courses, and it is also an essential part of your grades. Before writing, your examiner will give you an outline about how to write my lab report; use that; it is helpful. Some instructors will need a lab report included in a lab notebook, while others must submit it in a separate writing. 

Lab Reports are written to record what happens in experimental set up. Lab Reports describe what was done and also what was observed. Unlike a newspaper report, they do not give commentary on the results or draw conclusions.

When you conduct an experiment, the first thing you have to do is to outline your goals, and then develop an experimental plan. Your goal may be different from other people’s experiments, thus each experiment has its own plan. The outline is very much similar like that of the writing template for an essay. This content shows a step by step guide for writing a lab report.

Here are some outlines or formats to write an attractive lab report. You can use it if you are not aware of how to write?

  • The title page

It is not compulsory to have a title for each lab report, but if your instructor requires it, it would be on a single page and states that:

  • Title of the experiment
  • Instructor name
  • Your name and partner, if any
  • Date of lab report conducted and date of submission


A. Title

The title will say it all about your report. It is suggested that it would be of ten words or less and explain the primary point of the experiment. It is not written in the form of a question. 

B. Introduction or Purpose

Usually, the introduction is in one paragraph that focuses on the objectives or purpose of the lab report. It should be in one sentence, like stating the hypothesis. Some reports include background information and profoundly summarizes how the lab report was conducted or performed, finding the experiment, and a list of conclusions. If you are not written an introduction about the lab report, you should include the purpose of the investigation or why it is performed. 

C. Materials

You should mention everything to complete your experiment. In your investigation, mention:

  • List all the materials and measures taken should mention
  • You should not include all the details in brief, only mention its primary details
  • Include the reliability of the steps.

    D. Methods

In methods, you should describe the steps you completed during your investigation and explain your procedure. Anyone can easily understand and read this section and duplicate the experiment. Write a lab report so that you are instructing someone to do the lab report. It would be helpful to give a figure to diagram your experimental process.

E. Data

You should mention the numerical data obtained from the procedure usually presented in the table. While experimenting, these data should contain all the records; the report has all the facts and not any meaning of what they mean. 

F. Procedures

The procedure of the report should describe each step you follow to collect the information in chronological order. You should write in a format that someone can easily replicate your procedure, but concisely. For writing a lab report, you should closely follow a lab manual to gather the data. If you are doing an extensive analysis, ensure to state your planned analysis method as well.  

G. Results

You should report the result that represents the statistical data that you included in the report. Describe in words what the information means. 


Your conclusion would be the final part of the lab report. In summary, summarize the experiment’s findings, in detail mention the strengths and limitations, and implications of your research. You can take the help me write my lab report.