Job Search Fatigue: 7 Useful Ways To Fight With (New Ways)

Job Search Fatigue: 7 Useful Ways To Fight With (New Ways)

Searching for a job is a full-time job in itself. If you have been looking for a job for more than six months now, you may have some reactions that are common at this stage. The reactions that you are facing are universal and job seekers around the world feel the same. This job search fatigue can be dangerous for your job search and have a damaging effect on your confidence and motivation.

If you are a company that is looking for a recruitment agency then you must know some tips before hiring any recruitment agency.

You must have the patience and will to fight these symptoms back. Here are seven ways to fight job search fatigue.

Ways to fight job search fatigue

The Silence


After submitting a number of applications and not hearing back from the employer, most job seekers start expecting silence affecting their attitude towards the upcoming openings. This attitude of not taking care of the typos or modifying the resume and cover letter according to the employer can make it difficult for you to land up to the job.

Silence is a common part of the process. Do not mistake it with rejection and continue to follow up and take every application seriously like the previous one.

Exaggerating on the Resume


The silence brings an urge to exaggerate on your resume. You need to remember what you do and fight back by sticking to your goals and accomplishments. The bending or stretching of facts brings a lot of risks and there is no need of taking these risks in the process.

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Low Level of Confidence


It is not uncommon to find job seekers losing their confidence. If you are feeling low levels of confidence, just remember that you are not alone in facing the situation. Get in touch with other people you know are looking for jobs and summon your courage to remain focused and positive in the situation.

Reducing Expectations


If you are a mid-level job seeker and not hearing back is making you feel maybe you should apply for an entry job level, you sure are making a blunder. Firstly, they would drop you just not because you have an experience, but also because you are expensive and it is difficult for the employers to understand your decision of applying to a lower job when clearly you are suitable for a higher position.

The next thing that many job seekers do is to bring down their worth by lowering the salary expectations. No matter what, you do not have to settle for a value that is lower than your worth. This will bring you a step down in your career ladder and you definitely do not want to do that. Do not let a company exploit you that can easily pay you for your work but you need to choose the right job for a great future.

The Urge to Pursue Education


Change is good and a career change could be the thing you need. But do not make hurried decisions in the moment of heat or panic. Before taking any big move, sit back and decide by analyzing the personal risks and financial risks involved in taking this decision.

Applying to a Wide Range of Options


If the job search fatigue is making you apply to a wide number of jobs across fields, then you must continue doing so. Sometimes the mind is fixated on certain companies or organizations that you want to work for. Job search fatigue can move you out of this mindset and make you apply to a number of positions. The options might look frightening but would definitely have something better in store for you.

Keep Moving Forward


In the job search process, you should always keep moving forward. Take time, relax and start again with the journey till you reach the destination you decide for yourself. The road may be difficult but it does not mean that you have to settle for something less. Use professional help at any stage you think your career ladder needs support.