How to disable WiFi Adapter on Windows 10

How to disable WiFi Adapter on Windows 10

A WiFi Adapter is a crucial tool that allows the system to get connected to the internet. When the adapter is not working, you can’t access the web. Keeping the adapter enabled is necessary if you need to use the web. Sometimes, the adapter gets into error and the user may face regular cuts on the internet. For fixing that error, the user should go to the adapter and restart it. Open the adapter tab and disable it.

Disabling WiFi Adapter from the Control Panel

Users can access the adapter from the system’s control panel.

  1. Open Windows 10 Settings page
  2. Select the Network and Security tab
  3. Choose Status button
  4. Select Change Adapter Options
  5. Go to Network adapter 
  6. Hit on Disable option

Now the network adapter of your device is disabled. You can’t connect Windows 10 to the internet until you enable the adapter. 

Disabling WiFi Adapter from Device Manager

When you can’t make changes from the Settings page then try to disable it from the device manager.

  1. Click on Start on Windows 10
  2. Type Device Manager
  3. Select the first result
  4. Go to the Device Manager page and select Network adapters
  5. Right-click on the adapter and hit on Disable Device

Disabling WiFi Adapter by using the Command Prompt

Sometimes the user faces some issues like Error Code 0x80070422 Windows 10 and the device functions stop working. When you can’ access the adapter from settings or device manager then try to open it using the command wizard.

  1. Open Windows and run cmd
  2. Choose Command prompt and hit on Run as Admin
  3. Windows 10 cmd screen will be displayed
  4. Type netsh interface show interface
  5. Press the Enter button
  6. Now type netsh interface set interface “ADAPTER-NAME” disable

Press the Enter button and that adapter will get disable. Now you can perform a certain task and then you should enable the adapter.

Disabling the WiFi Adapter using PowerShell

If you can’t find the adapter from other methods, you can directly use PowerShell. 

  1. Go to search and type Windows PowerShell
  2. Choose the first result and then hit on Run as Admin option
  3. Type Get -NetAdapter | format-table 
  4. Press the Enter key
  5. Now the user has to type Disable-NetAdapter -Name “ADAPTER-NAME” -Confirm:$false 

Hit your Enter button. After running these commands, your network adapter will be disabled now. 

After disabling, the user should perform a certain task on the system. People disable the network adapter often while running the system scan. It prevents any kind of interrupting while scanning the device. Open antivirus and select the full scan option which can inspect all the files on the computer. After removing all malware, restart the PC. Once you complete your job, you need to enable the adapter otherwise, you can’t access the web. The user can enable the network adapter on the Windows 10 PC using various methods.

Enabling WiFi Adapter using Control Panel on Windows 10
  1. Open your Windows 10 settings page
  2. Select the Network & Security page then tap on the Status button
  3. Tap on Change Adapter options
  4. Right-click on your Windows network adapter 

Choose the Enable button and close the page. Now your network adapter is enabled. Users can go to the network and then start searching for the available networks. 

Enabling your WiFi Adapter from Device Manager

After completing the task, go to the search bar and type Device Manager. Go to the Manager and select Network Adapter. Choose the required adapter and right-click. Tap on the Enable Device option and now the user can access the internet on his system.

Enabling your WiFi Adapter from Cmd prompt

You can make changes to your Network adapter directly from the Cmd prompt. Search the cmd and then run it as admin.

Type netsh interface show interface and press Enter button

Type netsh interface set interface “ADAPTER-NAME” enable

Now when you press the Enter button, the network adapter on the system will be enabled. 

Enabling Windows 10 WiFi Adapter from PowerShell

In case, you can’t find the network adapter from the cmd prompt then try enabling it using the PowerShell.

Go to Windows PC and search Windows PowerShell

Run it as admin and type Get -NetAdapter | format-table

Hit the Enter and type Enable -NetAdapter -Name “ADAPTER-NAME” -Confirm:$false 

Press Enter to enable the adapter and then check for all the available networks. Users should check for the networks which are secured. Using an open network on the device can be harmful. Tap on a secured network and then enter its password. After connection, access the internet with ease.