• August 21, 2021

Best selling products that you can sell and make money online

101 digital products to sell online in 2021

 We are currently in a time where you get to control the whole entirety of your business from the comfort of your dwelling place.what’s your take on this? To rebook digital benefits and appreciate the old marketing method?
absolutely,NO.no one hate utilising the benefits of this digital era.what digital products to sell online? read on as you discover the best selling digital products to choose based o  your expert level and start marketing your skills.

Know that, hot products are likely products that are on high demands to solve problems, as written by weight loss tablets blog–health and wellness shouldn’t be left out

For some, online sales provide addition income to the main job they do. For others, it’s become a full time job. What both cases have in common is, that they both leverage the undoubted benefits of selling digital products.

benefits of selling digital products online:

They’re infinitely scalable – you’re never limited to how many products you can sell on a daily basis.human needs are unlimited!

You don’t worry about logistics
Problems like where to fix stock,packaging and delivery are all problems physical product sellers have.but in the basis of digital marketing every transaction is done at ones couch.

Low capital investment­-
selling digital products does not require huge capital investment as you dont have to manufacture. This is to say,digital marketing business does not demand more of upfront investments.

The biggest issue battling any intended persons planning to sell online is – what to sell?

So if you’ve planned making it on sales through the power of internet yet have no idea of what to sell. we have compiled this list of the most selling produccts niche that is in high demand by solving people’s problem on a daily basis.

we’ve put together a grand list of 100 digital products you can sell online,and they are arranged in order of their different categories for easy browsing. this post serves as a source of inspiration and enlightment. so do not forget to think beyond this box and come up with an amazing marketable ideas.

Here’s our list of 100 digital product ideas you can sell online

Regardless of what you’re selling, whether online or off, the key is to always provide value and quality always speaks. If what you offer is as valuable as showcased to your audience,your sale is immense. With that in mind, here are 100 product niches you can leverage on depending on your skill and they are vast comprisal of what problem people are facing on a dail basis.


Writing ebook tutorials,fictions and non-fictional works,attention-driven copy and the likes has become a modern method of self-publishing,branding and a renown marketable skill that pays.any one with good writing skills can leverage on this field.more also,brands and individual business operatives are busy hiring freelance writer for one for their content creation job.

Sell ebooks You might have the intention of becoming a writer, but maybe ‘how to get published’ become the fate. Starting your writing career with an ebook gives you unlimited possibilities, since you don’t need to worry about distribution (that much).
All you would need to get started with are creative ideas,your writing materials and your computer,a comfortable environment,the world wide web.and that’s all

Here’s why ebooks are real and great ways of starting: they’re easily utilised and consumable,eBook publishing is a great for building brand’s credibility and visibility, and income can be generated through contents. Include affiliate links in your ebook or use the text as a sort of long-form sales letter for your other products, courses, services, etc.

More also,ebooks are a great ways to bring in leads. Distribute the ebook for free in exchange for email addresses. The best part is, they’re easy to make. Take a look at these ebook templates by Venngage to get you started.

or if you’d rather put your writing skills into journalism, sell magazines. You can create your own digital issue on whatever topic you find exciting,that you can deliberate alot. Take WLA landscape architecture, for example, a bi-monthly reputable architecture magazine publishing projects from across the globe

Non-fictional ebook   

sell health products also, weight loss tablets like ketosis advanced

Ebook – fiction

Poetry work

Document templates

Recipe books

E-commerce product descriptions

Email campaign templates (upselling, cross-selling, re-engagement, etc.)

Creative brief samples/templates

Copywriting templates

Academic research, papers, findings


Reports/analytics templates

Dispute letters (with banks, attorneys, clients, etc.)

Writing cover letters


The advancement in technology has led to the ability to store and distribute audio contents online.this has so far created a marketable niche for digital marketers.

facts still remain that audio demands are in high veracity especially by students,presenters as well as public speakers.

choosing to market audio podcast is a good way of making money online.

Or do you have experience in the music production field? Or perhaps you think you know what it takes to create beats?

Then sell beats online. This business requires start-up investment, since you’ll be needing specific sound equipment to record. ipso faccto, it’s not so much about the tools, it is about knowing how to use them. Some knowledge in music theory might help, but other than that – have your own style, get into mixing, and start making that music.

Read also: learn how to become a professional music producer

The same issue is applicable if you want to sell songs online.

it’s super easy if you are known in the field,playing big in big time concert as well,bringing in hard-earned revenues and all that stuffs.

But facts remains that since you’re a starter– you’re no Rihanna or Coldplay (yet).you are only on the start,waiting to be known or you’re a musician who’s just still waiting to be discovered by Usher, selling songs in stock is a great way to earn some extra cash on the side. TV shows, videos, and the film industry are constantly on the look-out for fresh tunes to use in their projects. What’s great about it – if you’re a musician, you’ve already got the skills and the team to create the product in demand.

>types of audio you can sell online:






Sound effects

Voice overs-as a service

Instrumental tracks


Visual contents has become one of the most powerful tools to deliver messages online,teach,inform and educate as many as possible. video is an engaging form of content with 8 billion video views per day –only on facebook.could you imagine that?
with that,it is not so hard to imagine why video content is one of the most selling digital products to sell online and earn 6figures daily.

Video is a more advanced form of storytelling that makes information more understandable. digital marketers see this advantage and incorporate video contents into their copy works so as to create the teachers’ explanation every users requires while reading through any literal work. So it’s not by chance that video will account for 79% of global Internet traffic by 2021

There are plenty of other important reasons to sell videos online. Here are several of them:

Video content is in high demand while mastering it requires a high learning curve to undergo.

Video attaches visuals to the learning process – and people are constantly looking to acquire new knowledge.it’s the visible yet,untouchable teacher

Minimal front-end costs – there’s no shipping and no inventory. Also, the risk is incredibly low, making videos a great option for a beginner digital entrepreneur.

So if you feel comfortable with video, or you have the needing ideas on how to create videos. you’re in the position to help out a lot of people who are willing to pay in return.

Here are a few more ways to leverage your video skills online:

Sell short films (entertainment)

Video tutorials

Stock video

Video animation intros

Professionally video editing



Stand-up comedy


Wherever digital contents marketing is mentioned,the follow up ego to know stuff is designing in it’s box. it’s the next needing content which on its rquires many skills.

in Nigeria,the avaiation ministry logo was designed with a huge amount of money. designing is a grind that turns passion that pays at last.

Design has become a heavily digitized industry, while simultaneously being in demand and dependant on knowledgeable skills and use of expensive tools in order to gain the needing expertise. That makes for the perfect skill set to make money online

Sell logo design if you want to combine using your creativity with money making. then you need to leverage on the ever-growing circle of brands demanding eye-catchy logo for their brand. note that,since there’s vast emergence of new brand on a daily basis,the needs for the brand identity is never over-looked. logo serves as brand identity and its in a very high demand also.

from the practical test of it,logo design is somehow extinguished from other design work especially if you have a little skill in that field. learn logo designing and become a professsional logo designer.

Another great idea, especially if you have strong storytelling skills, is to sell comics. If you’re one of those people who grew up with an impressive comics collection, this could be the way to go since you’re already familiar with this kind of design. Besides, selling comics lets you use a load of skills. You’ll get to create a storyline, the layout, practice drawing, work with lettering, etc.

Here are lists of what you can create and sell online with your design skills:





Branding services

Photoshop services

Logo design

illustrator templates/photoshop

Business card design

Infographic design

Powerpoint / Keynote presentation templates

Printout origami

Printable colouring book pages

3D models

VR/AR templates

3D printer design files

Icon sets


Wedding invitation templates

CGI models


Printable calendars

Printable journals

images into vector files


photography seems an expensive hobby in practise and look. but it’s a lucrative business option one can leverage on.

Here are just a few ways you can start selling your photography skills online:

Lightroom presets

Mockup images

Stock photos

LUTs (Lookup Tables)

IT and tech:

IT and tech are no doubts lucrative and needing skills in this our technology era. Transfer those jobs to the online sales realm, and you’re in good move to developing an online-based income channel.

based on your interests and skills,you can really create digital products for things outside the box, . And with the help of  online store, you’ll be able to sell softwares and other functional programs online with close to no hassle.

If you’re into website design, turn your work into the product and sell web templates,scripts,plugins and extensions. Putting your designs online can get you anywhere from $500 to $30,000 a month. The good news is – there are nearly 2 billion websites online at the moment, and the number is growing everyday even in a geometrical progression rate. With every page needing its own unique look, this is indeed a good products/services niche.

But do you know that the widespread of smartphones has turned deliberate game developing hobby into a practical income business? yes really! you can put your coding and development skills to form your career basics by uploading an selling games online .Creating mobile games might be your pick if you’re not ready for up-front investment into hardware (something that both PC and console gaming require).



Browser plugins

Website themes

Setup for online stores, blogs, websites

Selling domains


Zapier templates

Code snippets

Your time/knowledge

Every skill is worth transfering,but they are ones you can’t let go without committment price.Here’s where  the needs to market one skill and time taken to learn those skills arise.

for example,there are some in the field of business administration who can find definition and explaination to each and any business terminolgy one may tends to derive a basic understanding.such an expert is hired by brand for business consultation,-service which sells online.and it requires time.

There are so many more ways to leverage your skills to sell online. Here are some of them:

Financial consultations

Financial planning

Essay-writing services

Coaching/mentoring sessions


Language lessons


Social media marketing

User testing

Resume touchups



Audits (accounting audits, content audits, etc.)

Career consultations


And there are things uncategorised. this is to say they are not listed under any category yet are useful products in high demand. Say, you’ve got the wisdom on a subject, but you don’t want the student vs. teacher communication that you get when teaching lessons.

In a case like this, sell courses online. Package your knowledge into a pre-made product that people can download online. The difference from online lessons is that you don’t need to be there personally.

So what is it that you need to sell courses online?

Start by crafting useful content on a subject you have a lot to deliberate on. Try to give it a special spin so that you stand out among all the other online mentors – there’s definitely plenty out there! for example,a barista who can make latte art and porcupines can use that skill and create a latte art training course that teaches porcupine drawings. Cute and unique.

What’s even better – there’s plenty of course formats, so pick a form that lets you use your other creative skills. If you’re good at public speaking, create video courses and upload in youtube. If you’re better at the written word, pass on your knowledge in the form of an ebook.

here are things you can leverage on even when they are not categorised here:

Courses – of any and all kinds

Painting tutorials

Architectural plans

Sewing patterns

Knitting patterns

Nutrition plans

Meal-prep plans

Workout plans

travel planning

Virtual assisting


Paid newsletters

Woodworking instructions

Drawing lessons – step-by-step

Board game printouts

Custom beauty/skincare consultations

Astrology readings

Meditation/subliminal programs

Stock market analysis software

Minecraft skins/renders

Car/equipment repair manuals

the starting plans of leveraging the digital world maybe a kind of discouraging move. the difficulties in getting started is immense in choosing the products niche. here we have been able to list out 100 digital products niche to sell online.
choose what fits your skills,launch your online store and start now.

so if you are looking for means of adding some additional income to yourself,or in a move to launch a full-time digital platform that sells digital products,we’ve made it possible for you.
you can choose from the lists of best-selling digital products ideas and start marketing your skills. Good wishes to you!