Advice on washing machines

Advice on washing machines

Which washing machine should I buy, you ask. Buying a new washing machine is not complicated if you know what to look for. Which washing machine is right for you depends, among other things, on the size of your household. To know which washing machine you should buy, we give you some tips.

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When buying a new washing machine, you pay attention to the filling weight, the energy class, and the noise level, among other things. Do you want your washing machine to stay fresh and last a long time? Then pay attention to the wash and build quality. These factors determine the lifespan of your washing machine and how clean your laundry comes out of the drum. To lease a washing machine, you take out a washing machine subscription. You can read more about this at the bottom.

Washing machine with mountain laundry

When buying a new washing machine, the first thing you should pay attention to is the filling weight. How many kilograms of filling weight your washing machine should have depended on how many people your household consists of. If you don’t know how many kilograms of content your washing machine needs, follow our guidelines. With a machine with enough filling weight, you can do your laundry in one go and save time and energy. Buy your best product with our blog buying ideas 

Washing machine speed

The higher the speed of the washing machine, the drier your laundry comes out of the drum. A high speed ensures that your washing machine spins quickly. By buying a washing machine with many revolutions, your laundry does not have to spend as long in the dryer or on a drying rack. Do you use a tumble dryer? By pre-spinning your clothes, you save energy and time.

How many turns do you need?

To see how much energy a washing machine consumes, look at the energy label. Since 1 March 2021, all washing machines have had a new label with stricter requirements. The energy class then runs from A to G, with A being the most economical. The energy consumption of a washing machine calculates the EU per 100 cycles based on the mandatory Eco 40-60 program. You can read all about it here.

Washing machine noise level

If you place your washing machine close to your living room or bedroom, pay attention to the noise level. The noise level of a washing machine is expressed in the number of decibels during the spin cycle. If you want an extra quiet washing machine, choose a washing machine with a noise level of 71 decibels or less during the spin cycle. This means that you are bothered by noise as little as possible. Keep in mind that every 3 decibels more is a doubling of the sound.

What sound level do you need?

With every wash you do, you want your clothes to come out fresh. The washing quality of a washing machine has an influence on this. A washing machine with middle or top-class washing quality ensures that you prevent grease louse and therefore stench. This keeps the drum and your laundry fresh. Therefore, go for a washing machine with a washing quality of medium or top class.

Washing machine drum door

Build quality is important for the life of your washing machine. If you want a sturdy and durable washing machine, pay attention to the build quality. You can choose from build quality base class, middle class, and top class. If you are looking for a decent washing machine, choose a washing machine with the minimum build quality, middle class. A brushless motor is available as standard so that your washing machine wears out less quickly.

Washing machine and dryer

If you want to wash and dry, you can choose between a washing machine and dryer separately or a washer-dryer combination. If you want to dry quickly and energy-efficiently, take 2 separate devices. You place the washing machine and dryer next to each other or stack them using an intermediate piece. This keeps your dryer safe on your washing machine. If you prefer 1 machine, take a washer-dryer combination. Keep in mind that a washer-dryer combination is slower and consumes more energy.

Automatic detergent dosing

 With a washing machine with WiFi, for example, you do the laundry remotely and you can see from your smartphone or tablet how long it will take. Handy when you are not at home. A washing machine with automatic detergent dosing automatically adds the right amount of detergent, so that your clothes stay beautiful for longer. Became curious? Read more about smart washing machines here.