• August 25, 2021

7 Types of Apps That Can be Developed Using Python

7 Types of Apps That Can be Developed Using Python

Using Python – Do you have amazing mobile app ideas but don’t know what language and software to use for converting it into a million-dollar app? Python is the fastest-emerging programming language in the world. It will continue to grow faster since it is ubiquitous, reliable, adaptable, and simple to learn. Therefore several types of apps that can be developed using Python. 

Python is a top and general-purpose programming language. It can be used to solve multiple. Hence it should be able to meet the requirements of the majority of applications.

App development using Python is very famous among developers. Since it is a top programming language, which is now even beating Java as the original coding language, it facilitates the whole mobile app development process to a great extent.

Python is the best technology in the most dynamic industries. Hence programming language is used for the app development of:

  • Quantitative finance analytics tools for operating on huge datasets
  • Banking software such as mobile banking apps and platforms
  • Cryptocurrency solutions
  • Algorithmic trading systems

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Popular Python Frameworks for App Development

Using Python for mobile app development turns the application into a versatile option since it has a significant advantage in cross-platform app development. Here is a rough idea regarding frameworks to help you demystify developing mobile apps using Python.

Blockchain applications

Blockchain is among the latest trends of this decade in the field of technology. From the developer’s perspective, Blockchain development is not very easy. However, apps made by using Python have made it convenient. By employing Python frameworks such as Flask, developers can utilize HTTP requests to interact with the blockchain on the internet and create endpoints using distinct blockchain functions. In addition to this, it also helps the developers to run the scripts on several machines in order to develop a decentralized network using Python.

Command-line applications

Console Applications and Command-line applications are the same. It is a computer program that is created to utilize the command line or a shell. It does not even have any graphical UI. Python is thought to be an apt language for such applications since its Read-Eval-Print-Loop (REPL) feature allows the developers to assess the language and use the new possibilities.

Since Python is a globally well-known language, top app development companies get access to many free Python libraries to create command-line apps.

Machine learning applications 

Another inspiring technological trend of this era is Machine learning development. Machine learning is an algorithm technology for feeding data to the operating systems and finalizing intelligent decisions. Before this, developing apps for machine learning was a bit tricky task. But now, Python mobile app development for machine learning applications.

Python comes with libraries such as Scikit and Pandas for machine learning which are available for free in the market and can be used under GNU license. With even such a basic knowledge of Python, developers can make machine learning applications with the help of such highly effective and competent libraries.

Game app development

For people who are gaming enthusiasts, there are many games such as EVE Online as well as Battlefield 2 that have been created using Python. Battlefield 2 game uses Python for its add-ons along with functionalities. Another game, World of Tanks game uses a majority of the features of Python. Moreover, Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean game was written using the Panda 3D game engine, which was developed using Python language.

Developers provide the facility to form a rapid game prototype, and you can use Python to test it in real-time. In addition, Python game development provides game designing tools for assisting in multiple tasks in the development process.

System administration applications

System Administration applications are immensely important for the management. Hence Python is fit for creating system administration apps. It allows the developers to communicate using an operating system. Moreover, it enables the developers to interface using OS on which Python is presently running. Hence this language makes the majority of IO operations accessible for simple reading and writing for the file system.

Audio and Video applications

Apps using Best Python hosting for the development help create music and various other audio and video apps. Since the internet is loaded with video and audio content, you can use Python to analyze it all. Some Python libraries, such as OpenCV and PyDub, and OpenCV helps in the completion of the app development.

YouTube is one good app example that is built using Python. Hence you can easily analyze how incredible and effective this language is in providing apps with high performance.

Business applications

Application made using Python highly supports practical agility. Therefore this is the reason Python also assists in ERP as well as E-Commerce application development solutions. Odoo is an all-in-one management software written in Python, providing a wide range of business applications for forming a suite of business management apps. Another known application built with Python is Tryton. It is a three-tier general-purpose as well as high-level application. Hence, it is very easy to create applications with Python, which is why app development companies select it.

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