• September 1, 2020

Follow these 6 simple steps to make your oil packaging outstanding

Follow these 6 simple steps to make your oil packaging outstanding

When you are selling oils, you should know how to design classy packaging. We know that oil is a liquid product, and it may leak during transportation due to careless handling. CBD oil packaging flaps may absorb this leaked oil and give a bad impression. Following are some important steps that you should keep in mind while manufacturing it. 

Find high-quality and resilient materials 

Many oils are available in the market. Different oils find applications in different fields. Some oils are edible. When you are selling oils, you should develop classy packaging. The most important thing that you should consider is the quality of production materials. You must know that production materials have to determine the quality of your boxes. You should select durable and resilient materials. They should help to resist damages due to bumps and jerks. They should be waterproof and oilproof. They should be tear-resistant. Such materials will help to keep your oils safe from all kinds of threats during transportation. They will not let the bumps and jerks affect oil bottles inside the box. You may use cardboard, kraft, and cardstock. These materials come in variable thicknesses. They can help you produce high-quality and resilient packaging for your oils.

Custom inserts or holders

We know that oils are liquid in nature. They need extra care for their handling, storage, and transportation. Oils come inside glass or plastic bottles. Due to bumps and jerks, they may leak from the bottles and affect the shape and beauty of CBD oil boxes. Never compromise the quality and beauty of your packaging. Therefore, to avoid this problem, you should develop boxes with custom inserts or holders. You should create inserts or holders according to the shape and size of oil bottles. You may be thinking, what is the advantage of creating inserts? Here we will make this clear. We have described that bumping during handling can lead to leakage of oils. We can avoid bumping by keeping oil bottles inside custom inserts or holders. They will hold them tightly and reduce mobility. Hence, there will be no leakage.

Print essential promotional content

Do you see blank boxes in the market for any product? The answer is “no” because all the boxes come with essential printed content. Do you know about the essential content? You should know about the essential elements for printing. First of all, you should print relevant graphics and imagery. If you are selling coconut oil, you should print images of coconuts. It will help to demonstrate your product. You should find the best and beautiful images that can correctly demonstrate your oil. Your creative graphics can grab the attention of visitors in the retail stores. The best advantage of printing graphics and imagery is to enhance the fascination of your packaging. You may understand that beautiful boxes ear more effective in attracting customers. Hence, you should print essential promotional content for increasing sales.

Foil stamping and additional coatings

We have mentioned that boxes have to look attractive. You should know that different companies have devised innovative strategies for increasing their attractiveness. When you want to make your custom CBD oil packaging outstanding, you should make use of additional coatings. There are multiple coating options, and you can use any one of them. The matte coating helps to provide a diffused outlook to packaging boxes. Gloss coating and aluminum coating help to give a shiny appearance. Similarly, other coating options are silver or gold foiling, gloss UV, and spot UV. You may also consider foil stamping for increasing the prettiness of your packaging. You may use this technique for displaying the logo or name of your brand. You can also use it to display a slogan. It will make your packaging impressive.

Product details and company promotion 

The most important thing that you should never forget is communication with the audience. You should make sure that your packaging is communicative. You should make it describe your company and product. When you have to elevate sales of your oils, you should print the name of it on your box. It will let the audience know what kind of oil is present inside. You should also print different benefits and uses of oil. You must print information about its quantity, expiry date, and storage conditions. It grabs the attention of potential customers. It will also help to convince the audience to buy your oil by convincing them through the printed details. Moreover, you should describe your brand and promote it. You should use your packaging to become a recognized brand in the market.

Never forget to laminate 

We have described that leakage of oils is likely to occur during handling and transportation. Oil leakage may spoil the shape and beauty of your boxes for CBD products. You have to consider this problem and make arrangements to avoid its hazardous impacts. The best solution to this problem is internal lamination. You should laminate internal walls to avoid the absorption of oils. You should use high-quality lamination to prevent the absorption of oils. It will help to keep the boxes beautiful and appealing. A high-quality and catchy packaging can win the attention of more people. It will help to generate more sales and make your company profitable.

When you have to sell oils and make more money, you should pay special attention to design classy custom box. You should choose durable, high-quality, and waterproof materials. You should also make use of custom inserts to prevent the oil bottles from bumping against each other. You should print essential content for the promotion of your product and brand. You should follow these 6 tips for reaching success.