11 Tips for Writing Professional Business Chat Messages

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Remember that business chat is similar to going into a person’s workplace and establishing a dialogue. The rules governing business chat are quite different from those you’d observe when sending an email or making a phone call. These 11 suggestions will assist you in using business chat efficiently in a professional context.

1. Make it short and to the point

It’s impossible to go on for too many paragraphs. The topic of your chat should be short. If there are many problems to be resolved or any questions that you want to be answered, then chat isn’t for you. If this is the scenario, you must escalate the issue to an email or phone call.

2. Begin by greeting people politely

You’d first knock on the door of someone before entering their office. Chat is based on the same idea. Begin by greeting them with a quick hello like “Hi John.” Have a minute? If so, then introduce yourself with “Hi Margie. This is Frank from Marketing.”

3. Respect offline and out-of-office conditions

Chat is not a way to bypass out-of-office emails. If someone is not available or after the normal hours of work, do not chat with them.

4. Use proper English

Chat is well-known for its abbreviations, as well as the absence of punctuation in its basic form. However, the business chat is a different matter. Chat in business is distinct. It is recommended to utilize simple English and avoid abbreviations. Don’t shout at colleagues in all caps. Don’t forget to delete the emojis as you’re doing it.

5. It’s OK to break it into smaller pieces

No one likes to wade through huge chunks of text. However, line breaks can be useful when your chat is long. If you’re having difficulty in your chat, CTRL-ENTER (or Shift-ENTER for Mac users) is your friend.

6. It should be used for work

Please do not talk to your co-worker; you wouldn’t want them to read aloud or discuss with your boss. Chat messages are usually encrypted and, therefore, don’t share confidential information. It’s also inappropriate to chat for sudden changes to meeting times or announce information about a bad situation. If you’re rearranging an appointment time, make use of both email and chat to ensure you’re covered. To relay bad news, pick up the phone or share the message face-to-face.

7. Respond promptly

You can get away with waiting for 24 hours to reply to an email. If you’re responding to text messages, don’t wait more than half an hour. This isn’t a huge time in the chat world. Give the other person an opportunity to respond if you are the person who initiated the chat. Suppose you notice that the other person has already replied not to add it to the original chat.

8. Communicate deadlines

When you’re requesting help from someone who is working on a particular project, make sure they’re on the right track with any deadlines or timeframes that you’re putting in place.

9. Keep the fun for later

Contrary to common belief, it’s not the place for jokes, even if you’re acquainted with the other person very well. It’s too easy to misinterpret an unintentionally crafted conversation or to take an event in the wrong way. However, when you’re on the receiving end of an offensive conversation, you should rescind your judgment. Do not immediately react in anger. Instead, allow the other party to explain their position.

10. Turn off your phone’s chat-ringtone

Do not be that person who checks your phone constantly for messages via chat. It doesn’t matter if working or attending a meeting; it can be disruptive.

11. Say goodbye

Don’t close the chat window or cease responding. Instead, “Thank you” or “Cheers.”

Clear communication within the business, including business chats, enables better collaboration and faster execution of tasks. We invite you to share your other tips for business texting in the comments. For situations requiring other communication methods, check out our articles about effective business emailing conferences, conference calls, and video conferencing.

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